How can I make it up to my friends?

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  1. Two times in a row now i've gone to drink with my good friends at their university and i've gotten black out drunk and reaked havoc. The first time i started putting everyone in arm bars because i just started jiu jitsu and i ended up tearing my friends elbow muscle and she needs therapy for it and now last night i pissed in my friends bed stained his sheets and i accidentally headbutted this other girl and gave her a black eye and who knows what else..

    So basically they're both really pissed at me and say they don't really want me coming anymore because it makes them look bad and Im just really embarrased and upset... because theyre good friends of mine and I plan on making it up to them but I need some ideas as to how I can

    I'm really gonna be conscious of my drinking from now on because that's just ridiculous

    So any ideas?
  2. lol thats hilarious how u have such little control but is suggest drinking much less or none at all, thats the only real solution...
  3. stop drinking poison to the point where u act like a fuck up?

    best way to make it up to them? respect there wishes and dont come around.
  4. Chill with them sober one day, say how you feel then move on. And don't drink at there parties anymore.

    And if you really wanna go the extra mile help those people you fucked up.
  5. You have a problem. Stop drinking. Don't try and tag a long to their drinking.
  6. You can't. Just get help, you don't have to be an alcoholic to seek help. The only way I know will work if you want to make it up to them is get some help with your drinking and let them know you'd like support. They don't trust you right now and need to know the fact that you are sorry and will be doing something about it.

    If you were black out drunk and caused havok like injuring a few people you are well on your way to needing help.
  7. you're better off looking for new friends and perhaps you should not drink any more.
  8. Jesus, What the fuck is wrong with you?
  9. the best way to make it up to them is to make sure you learned from your mistakes by probably never ever drinking again in your life and you need to let them know you genuinely are sorry for hurting them both physically and probably mentally..and then let them decide if they want to continue being your friend..

    to be perfectly honest though if they stop being your friend because of some drunken mistakes they probably weren't that genuine of friends to begin with... :smoke:

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