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How can I make a pipe out of household items?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by sirtokealot17, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. Right now I'm using this little crappy metal piece,and I have to get aluminum foil and poke holes in it and shit. It takes forever and I'm pretty sure smoking out of aluminum isn't good for me.

    What other ways can I make a pipe?
    I know the bottle/can way...anything else?
  2. make a homemade bong with the stickied guide. all you need is a bottle, pen, and a bowl type thing.
  3. There's a ton of tutorials on the interenet. Search here or search google.
  4. Take a can, coca-cola or sum shit, make a dent in the side and poke tiny holes in the dent. Put you green where the holes are and light it. Inhale from where you would drink the coke.
  5. honestly fuck homade plastic bongs, a apple pipe or a carrot pipe is way better.
  6. So far, I've been using apples, the shitty plastic bongs, and that type of stuff.
  7. Use an apple, as mentioned above, And for the bowl, just stick the wrench piece thing in the middle of the apple for the bowl.
  8. +1 for apples. All you need is an apple and a chopstick.
  9. Fork out ten to twenty bucks and get a glass bowl at a local tobacco store, quicky mart, headshop etc...

    If it's illegal, then use a socket wrench and make a home-made bong. Or buy one illegally, there should be no guilt involved since your going to be smoking pot....
  10. hey getting a piece isnt that hard bro. just save up like $20 and go to a hedge shop. as long as your over 18 you shouldnt have a problem
  11. a thin socket use it like a 1 hitter
  12. Step 1. Take household item #1... worth 10-1,000,000 dollars
    Step 2. Use household item #2 (Computer) to post household item #1 on craigslist. Please fill out all info.
    Step 3. When response is recieved sell household item for as much money as you can.
    Step 4. Use car, bike, public transit, or sme other form of transportation to local head shop or another place that sells tobacco pipes.
    Step 5. Purchase tobacco smoking device.

    Using this method you can start with household items and end with pipe.
    Any questions please PM me.:wave:
  13. I wouldn't honestly use a homemade piece anymore, I use to when I first started smoking and didn't have the money to spend on a piece. If you can find an apple i'd use that try to avoid can pipes and homemade bongs since burning the plastic and metal isn't good but if you have to then go for it I guess.
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  15. Do they have bushes at this hedge shop?

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