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How can I get weed

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by stoned42, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. Im in college/university so I dont have much money and always need some for my spiritual reasons, its too late to start growing in UK, even autoflowering so I need sustainable ways of making money without doing anything illegal so I can :smoke:
  2. Get a job?
  3. You don't "need" it. You want it. There's a big difference...
  4. yhyh I cant find any jobs :( also Im not addicted :p but its just so amazing, havent bunned in almost 2 weeks :(
  5. you could start a micro steath grow indoors

    e.g. In a computer case or something
  6. Yeah get a job, dude.

    You could also do shit like collect cans/bottles and return them, I dunno about England but in California you can get like 5 cents per can/bottle. There's also stuff like male escorts (I saw another blade post a thread on this awhile back) if you're that desperate

    But for real you sound kinda like an addict. I'd stop smoking for awhile and focus all my energy into school, and then when you are able to stop worrying about how long it's been since you last smoked, you can start smoking again.
  7. If you want it that bad you'll find a way... if theres no jobs in your location consider asking to cut peoples lawns, or do odd jobs for them here and there. People always need these types of services here in the US and will pay decent money. If that doesnt sound good to you, look harder for a real job.
  8. Would you be interested in writing papers for money? Get word out that you'll do assignments for the right amount. Sure writing isn't the most fun, but I can't think of many other options
  9. Haha its weird cause when I started toking I wasnt addicted (Im not now) but I wanted weed so bad I sold a couple of DVDs :O scary :( and no I cant collect cans, idk man I love blazing
  10. And I just saw you post in your "where to find stoner girls" thread something along the lines of "idk I'm kinda high" so I think it's been more than 2 weeks since you've smoked, if not you get some incredible weed that gets you stoned for 2+ weeks

    if that's the case you can make bank selling that
  11. Haha Im not good at writing papers I cant even do mine properly, thanks everyone though :)

  12. quick! What's your chinese zodiac sign
  13. What if you charged like $5 to do laundry for people
  14. LOOL dude listen
    My friends bunning me in with some legal shit
  15. Hmm laundry idea sounds good but no one wants it
  16. get to know people
  17. Dude if you knew anything about growing im sure you could pull of a stealth grow with an autoflowering plant and get like 15grams

  18. I think your problem is you are not feeling good within yourself and your to lazy to sort out your problems so you want weed because you know it makes you feel fuking amazing so it will suppress your problems

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