How can I get the resin out of this?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by Rosebud1, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. lol i use to smoke resin but thats just the nasty tar build up, clean it and throw it away. iso+salt
  2. Aww :( But isn't it technically pure THC? I feel like you must be able to smoke this.
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    im 100% sure that the black smelly resin stuck to you glass is not pure THC lol

    It might get you high if you smoke it but its not pure thc
  4. hahaha no it is not pure thc...just throw it away.....soak your glass in some Grunge or Simply Green Cleaner...even soak it alcohol but please don't try to salvage resin
  5. People need to learn to READ before they make a comment. OP is using a VAPORIZER not a pipe. Do you have the plastic or the glass mouthpiece OP? If you have a glass one you can soak it in iso and pour the alcohol on a plate and let it evaporate. That will leave you with the honey on the plate. But if you have the plastic mouthpiece all you can really do is try to push it out with some kind of object that isn't sharp, because you don't want to be smoking little shards of plastic.

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