How can I get the highest with the little bit of weed i got?

Discussion in 'General' started by jsmooth23, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. I have lik .3 left and my tolerance isnt dat low so i want to get as high as i can any ideas? i was thinking a waterfall bong
  2. Gravity bong or a one hitter.
  3. hey man eat 3 mangos before it and you will be baked trust me and smoke it through a bong without water , it might add like afew molecules of thc
  4. if i was gona do dat a waterfall would be better and i don't have mangos at the house atm but i guess im gona do waterfall since its alot of smoke
  5. [quote name='"SensimillaBuds"']Gravity bong or a one hitter.[/quote]

    One hitter saves weed :)
  6. we already have a bong-without-water invention, it's called a pipe
  7. ^^this
  8. I dont have a one hitter so i guess ima jes do gravity

  9. good choice:smoke:
  10. honestly just any normal glass pipe is much more efficient than grav and will get better mileage outta yer 300mg
    but ifyou just want quick headrush then gravs cool
  11. Blunt?

    Or wait

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    l0l i wish blunts are the best way of smoking the herb hands down

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