how can i get over this girl

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  1. shes the first girl ive actually had alot of feelings for, i love her. i didnt know what love was until i met her. i hate typing this out because i have to think about us. were still going out right now but shes sayin we should end it now instead of farther down the road so we dont end up getting even more hurt. shes really emotional and i try to help her out all the time. i kinda of have to break up with her i cant keep going on like this if she doesnt change. im sure all of you can relate to this. how can i get over her even though it sucks and i still love her. thanks blades im pretty deppressed right now
  2. All my best memories come back clearly to me, some can even make me cry.
  3. Man the fuck up.
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    bang her best friend/sister or both

    only read the title though

    EDIT: on a more serious note, it'll just take time
  5. thats a dick thing to say, you've obviously never actually loved a girl before. i used to say the same thing.
  6. Like purple said, fuck one of her best friends. Seriously. Fuck her and then fall for someone better.

  7. thanks man, its just hard right now.

  8. Thought I was in love, bitch broke my heart. But I just got over it rather than wallowing in self pity.

  9. thats why im asking for advice
  10. Takes time ..... And fuck it..... Get yourself in shape for the next girl .....

  11. im a starting linebacker, and lift every day 5 times a week. im that jock in highschool/college
  12. Have sex with other women, then send her pictures of it. That will make her show if she really loved you or not.
  13. One thing you should know is that it's perfectly alright to feel that way. Give yourself some time to reflect and just be sad. Don't fall in a major slump though.

    The best thing you can do for yourself is stay busy. If you have nothing to keep you busy go on a walk or ride a bike. Just do SOMETHING. Also, talking about it with a good friend who will listen is very therapeutic. Once you start to feel better start talking to other girls. I'm not saying you have to start dating them, just put yourself out there. It'll take time but you'll be alright man.

  14. yea im deffinitely going to bang other chicks, not that far but ill make sure she knows. im 100% sure she loves me but shes a mess.

  15. thanks man, i appreciate it. honestly
  16. When a girl says "Let's end this so we don't get hurt later" that's codename for "Break up with me, i'm bored with you and there's other dick that I want to ride."

    Trust me on that one.
  17. 1000%, or shes already at that stage and wants you to end it so she feels better about bein a skeezer.
  18. basically what someone said earlier. Its ok to be sad about something, and if you have the feeling/urge to forget her? well bro, do just that. take some time to be sad, remember things maybe, or just reflect on all of it for a moment/while. Dont go abusing things, or abusing your feelings and going depressive nuts because in the end the only true answer to your problem is time. emotions in the brain are nothing to fuck with. most people dont take the long term into consideration when it comes to these things.

  19. Thanks man, it was just like one day we were fine and the next she's emotional and shit. Today after we broke up she said she really loves me and is sorry. It just I'm sitting At work thinking of everything and getting pissed and sad. Fuck this man it sucks. I need to smoke and fuck a bitch so I can get my mind off of this.
  20. find a new girl?

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