How can I get my grandma to shut the fuck up

Discussion in 'General' started by Pink Floyd, May 15, 2010.

  1. I sleep at my grandmas on the weekends, I speak English and Russian although my English is way better, my Russian is alright, enough to get around. My grandma always starts out with a little topic and then next thing you know it's 30 minutes later and she's still talking and I haven't heard a damn word. What do I do? It's annoying as shit.
  2. She's your grandmother. How about respecting her a bit more.

    Maybe if you listened you'd learn something...and have better manners
  3. Pretend you're paying attention or just casually walk away

    i cant understand why you wouldn't wanna listen if you can't understand her but this reminds me of my friends grandma that was italian and i love hearing from her and since it was his grandma he kinda just took her for granted and then she died

    not saying thats going to happen to yours anytime soon but thats what happens to grandmas

    so if I was you i'd make the best of your time with her

    like practice understanding her better that was always fun to me
  4. Listen to her and learn some good ol info.


    Tell her: grandma hold up a sec I have to use the bathroom

    ^^^^perezperp 5:28 jinx you owe me a nug

  5. Yeah I understand what you're saying but when I can't understand most of the things she's saying in Russian and there's no possible way she can translate it into English what point is there in me even trying to comprehend?

  6. Cuz it's respectful. And the more you listen, the more you'll be able to pick up. I speak Hebrew and English, and I have relatives who only speak Arabic, but I at least try to understand the jist of what they're saying, and make them feel comfortable.

    And sometimes talking is less for the listener's benefit, and more for the talker's.
  7. smoke a bowl before ya go......listen to her for awhile ......then say grandma i'm hungry!
  8. Why don't you learn to speak more Russian, I'm sure your Grandma must have some great stories to share. I know I always like to listen to my Grandma high, I laugh a lot and it's cool to hear from people who have been around the world longer than you and there views on things.
  9. Well the obvious choice is to run grandma over with a reindeer.
  10. drop an anvil on her i bet that shuts her up
  11. Ask her to slow down a little. Maybe if you listened more, you'd learn a little more Russian. Enjoy her while you can - my grandmother is dead.

  12. haha i gotchaa someday somewhere

  13. Does she have anyone to talk to who speaks Russian (and is not you). If not, find someone-there should be lonely old Russian speaking people in her age group she can hang with. Check out Senior Centers, the local Russian Cultural group (if you have one). Get Granny some new friends- you're off the hook, and she is happier.

  14. EXCELLANT idea:hello::D
  15. hahaha this thread is funny

    on a serious note, cherish the time you have with your grandma, you'll regret it when shes gone :(

    but anyway, the topic title made me lol
  16. tell her your deaf from masturbating too much, it happens man...
  17. This.

    I would give up almost anything for one more day to bullshit with my grandma :(

    She died 5 months ago and I still cry when I look at her picture.

  18. easy there wild e coyote :laughing:
  19. Word.

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