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  1. hey so ive been wanting to workout for the past year and lately ive been wanting to even more cause summer us coming up. but i just cant bring myself to do anything. ive done basic pushups and situps a few times in the past month but thats not going to do anything. i used to workout for months at a time a few years back but since then i just stopped working out and accumulated all this fat.

    im not real fat. just kind of chubby. i used to be bone skinny until early '10. i was working out everyday for a few months. really pushing myself. i got bigger, heavier. i actually went from 190 lbs to 230 lbs in one winter.

    well some shit happened after that and i just stopped working out. and right when i stopped i just got kinda fat. i got the belly, a little bit of man titties, and love handles....enough weight to throw off my balance. i wasnt used to my body anymore because of how fast my weight changed.

    ive recently stopped smoking weed. id say about a week now. ive been real down in the dumps for the past year and a half and throughout the whole time ive been self isolating, smoking weed all the time, and working my ass off. ive got a lot of built up stress and anger inside. for an idea of how much stress, ive already hit the fan about 8-10 times today, swearing on the top of my lungs while throwing and breaking shit and ive only been up for 8 hours. weed usually takes a good chunk of that edge off but im tired of turning to weed to solve my problems. it makes me lazy, daydream a lot, and escape reality. which is all fine and dandy sometimes. but ive been non stop smoking for 2 years everyday all day and i just need to clear my head up and take charge of my life.

    i obviously have a self esteem and anger problem so i was thinking working out could real help me out a lot. problem is im always tired. always. i work 12 hours shifts, which i hope wont be for too much longer cause im really starting to hate this job and the people i work with/for. i also have hypothyroidism and i dont think my thyroid level is right but i cant go to the doctor cause my job doesnt supply health insurance and i cant afford it myself. im currently working on an alternative way of making money so i could quit this job...not many jobs out here but i plan on moving anyways.

    in the meantime, how can i pull myself together to actually workout continuously? i really do want it. its just been so long since ive actually worked out. id appreciate any response guys.

  2. I know I sound like a broken record, but dude, cardio will probably be your savior. Jog, ride your bike, walk, swim, whatever you can manage. Do as much as you can without wrecking your body. It will improve your state of mind like you wouldn't believe. Worked for me. Few LIKE to DO do cardio, but most like what it does for them.

    It really replenishes my neurotransmitters and balances me out.
  3. i havent rode a bike in 2 years but i used to do it all the time. maybe thatll help get me more motivated. now i need a bike
  4. iv been doing bike ride adding extra miles as i it and even challenge my self to make up the steeper hills you would normally walk makes you feel great
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    my sister got up to over 200 pounds heavy as shit then she got a bike and joined a riding club 6 months later after training on weekends only basically, with new friends to motivate her shes down to 110, she hadn't ridden in at least 20 years
  6. You don't have to start off right away trying to do 1 hour+ workouts. Ride your bike for 20 minutes (at a decent pace) 4-6 times a week. The next week increase it to 25, 30, 35, etc. because you said you worked 12 hour shifts try it out for 20 and see. I started out with 20 minutes on my bike and I'm 4 weeks into it, and I love it.
  7. actually.... one thing I really love to do is riding a bike while high.

    If you're up to it....... wake up in the morning, smoke a little bowl, and go ride your bike for an hour or so.

    It's a great workout as well as a cool experience. Maybe that can get you started.
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    In need of motivation.. Do you want to look like these people much less be perceived as a fatty?

    [ame=]Obese People - YouTube[/ame]

    I am recently coming away from a phase in my life where I was eating fast food daily, sitting on my ass 24/7, and smoking cigarettes. Due to these habits I became someone who would be called skinny fat. If you don't know what this; it is a condition where a man has no muscular definition whilst at the same time a protruding stomach. Now I know my stress level was and is surely lower than yours because I'm a mere college student. But I began to try to get in shape because of my new years resolution to workout for the entire year. I tried to sprint up a somewhat large hill in my backyard and I was wheezing like an old man and it felt like I was dying. This experience caused me to rethink my initial plan to just workout and it help me decide to have a change in my lifestyle. I no longer smoke, eat fast food, or sit on my ass; I don't think I have done less than 4 workouts (not including cardio) per week since I began this quest. To be honest I have cheated by indulging in smoking cigarettes a couple a times and I had chik fil-a once. But I've lost ten pounds while putting on a moderate amount of muscle; it has also helped me with my overall quality of life I am a much calmer, social (which is hard for me too), and happier person. All you have to do is watch your diet and move; whether that be walking, jogging, sprinting, lifting weights, or playing a pick up game of basketball, soccer etc. It sucks you hypothyroidism and can't get medical attention but I would advise you to do some sort of physical activity before your shifts because when I get done with school and work, in the past, I just need time to sit amongst my thoughts if you know what I mean. Anytime you need motivation look at yourself and say, "Is this how want to look?" I know it may be vain but it will help you get off your ass. And, if one day you do become satisfied with your physical attributes, which I have yet to do, look at others because there are plenty of fat people at least in Amerikuh who motivate me to not look them everyday. But good luck to you fellow blade..
  9. the first couple of things you said described me pretty well. i used to just be skinny and thats it. then i became skinny fat which encouraged me to workout for awhile. i got bigger. i got the stretch marks and whatnot. then life happened and i stopped and ever since i got fatter. ive been pigging out and being lazy. well for the past month or so ive been smoking a lot less which made me not eat as much and i think i lost 5-10 lbs just from that. i dont have a scale so its a guess. but i went down 2 holes on my belt and my man tits had gotten smaller haha.

    anyways i was planning on getting a foldable mountain bike because i plan on traveling the country in a van and i want to be able to easily store it while not in use. so maybe ill invest in the bike a little early.
  10. Get a gym membership. If you care about your money you will at the least not want to waste your money so you will go.

    Next, go to and browse around and even ask questions on their forum for workout plans
  11. Gym memberships wont work, what you need is a guided fitness class/join a martial arts club. Almost all martial art/mma clubs have guided warmup which is usually pretty intense cardio and bodyweight excercises, then the actual martial art itself will be cardio and movement based.

    I do brazillian jiu jitsu and we do a warmup which gets me huffing and puffing and then we do actual grappling which is the jiu jitsu aspect of it and thats even more intense. Just the nature of it works your abs, your arms, shoulders, legs, basically your whole body.. and the best part about it is YOU DON'T MIND THE WORKOUT - BECAUSE YOU ARE FIGHTING. It's fun as hell and I dont even care if im getting gassed because it's a competition and i'd rather win or atleast stick with it and not give up then stop because im tired
  12. How can you get motivated?
    there's no motivation pill you can take.
    I think you gotta just start working. I keep it simple, situps, pushups, and cardio every day.

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