How can i get bigger yield.

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  1. Hello everyone.
    I'm new grower and i want to hear from experienced people how they get as much yield as they can, im growing autoflowering strain (Autopilot XXL).
    1) How fertilizer effect on the plant (how much % yield should i get)
    2) How many plants should i put (2 X 600 HPS --- grow area 5ft X 10ft)
    3) Scrog
  2. I have 9 4' tall in a 4x5 , 2x 600 hps and 2x 600 watt led..7 gallon smart pots...i use fox farms trio plus beasty bloomz and cha ching.. if i dont get 1 1/2 lb ima be mad....

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  3. What strain?
  4. Black jack and black DOG

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  5. .[​IMG]

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  6. Sativa in da back indica in da front

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  7. I'm a big believer in the vapor pressure deficit chart. It gives the best humidity value for a given temperature to maximize growth. My last grow was done in the 80s F, with humidities in the 70s, and I got explosive growth with my autos. So explosive that they were much larger than my photoperiods of the previous grow, grew up into the lights about 6 feet away, so I'm going to dial back the temperature this time to get less growth.
    Number of plants is almost immaterial. With scrog, canopy area is mostly what matters. Be careful not to over-fertilize. For hydro, many of us use half the recommended nutes.
  8. Want to scrog start out like this, and you cant go wrong[​IMG]

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  9. Is that for specific country?
  10. In what week should i scrog?
  11. That picture was taken just after the screen was set in place - the plant was 5 weeks old and topped twice.
  12. Im not trying to say thats mine, thats just perfect

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  13. What it that setup? Anyone know

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  14. What do you want to know?
  15. What pot setup is that....

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  16. Those are air-pots with hydro halos for feeding - makes it easier to feed because the net is only 8 inches from the top of the pot.
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  17. That is so fine on so many levels. What size airpots are those? That's what I'm doing with my autos but by the time they are at that stage they are in full flower and not much need for a screen because they are going straight up from there.
  18. Oh those are your plants? I see where it was topped once, looks like above the original 4th node?
  19. at anyrate, they did a study and in every case the topped plant yielded less. That is what I have found compared to untopped complete harvest of every single popcorn bud. I probably sacrifice an oz per plant to grow the way I like to grow.

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