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How can I get a Medical Marijuana Prescription Card?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by StealthRider, Jan 21, 2011.

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  1. I'm 21 years old, and I'm around 250 pounds. To be honest, I've been experiencing some chronic back pain over the past 3 years, this is obviously due to my weight which leaves my spine to carry a heavy load all the time.

    but, since I smoke and I'm feeling all this pain. I might as well get a card right?
    the only thing I'm worried about is just asking my doctor for an mj prescription, which makes things awkward cause it doesn't make my condition believable anymore.

    anyone know how to do get a prescription the easiest way possible?
  2. I've always had great results with extra strength excedrin. ;)
  3. Ask your doctor about alternates to pain relief, other than perscriptions. And if you feel uncomfortablle, go to a different doctor than normal and just ask.
  4. Hey op, good to see you are looking for a card, each holder is a step closer to legalization. However, I don't know which state you are from, but where I live (michigan) we have tons of "herbal clinics" where you can go and see a "specialist." You have to call them first and make an appointment and they need to get your medical records. Im pretty sure this is the case in many states. I would go to your doctor and complain about the pain before you try to do this though so he can document it, they might actually reject you if they don't see a reason to give you a card, depending on state stipulations
  5. does anyone know how to get a card up in Canada? With no medical need.
    Fuck i wish i was back in mother russia. grow that shit myself.
  6. bro it's so easy!

    just get a SIN (Social Insurance) card.
    get a job
    make money
    find a dealer
    buy weed from dealer

    and finally the most important step is...


  7. lol im not desparate to get one but if its easy y not. i hate buying shit that i dont kno where it came from. and as of right now not able to grow.
  8. dude... just tell doc that you smoked weed one time and it relieved your pain greatly. bam shabam. if your doc doesn't like the idea, go to another doc.

  9. hey asshole, i told u i really do have black pain. and I live in california.
  10. If you're in Cali it's super easy, find a "specialist" who guarantees you don't pay if you walk out without a recommendation. You'll be in and out in no time for under $100.
  11. lol, its not like theres a limited supply and someone who needs a card is gonna go without because this guy got one.
  12. Though I do agree, every person who just wants the card to get high, not for valid medical reasons it just makes it harder for people who really need it to be taken seriously. The 'straights' can point and say - "see? They just want to get high, they don't really need it" and fucking it for those of us who do need it.

    I am in desperate hope that my state [Connecticut] will join the medical marijuana states, I would really like to open a dispensary for people who actually need it. Whether or not I believe it should be as legal to get as tobacco and alcohol is a moot point, it has a valid medical use other than getting stoned. I want ot be able to offer it to those who do actually need it.
  13. i just told my doctor i couldnt sleep at night (which is true) and i dont like taking pills because i dont want to get addicted to them (also true) and i'd like a more herbal method. he looked at me and said "you want a marijuana card?" so badass, i love my doctor. :hello:
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    if you dont feel comfortable asking your dr for it then you dont need it.
  15. I got mine and i live in cali im 18 and i loooove it got it for $65 what part of CA u in? And you dont actually ask ur doctor from like kaiser or somethin
  16. i wasn't talking to you lol look who i quoted
  17. Well You Got Your info....Closing Before a Flame War Starts
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