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How can I flavor my weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by hubba, Jul 25, 2010.

  1. Hey blades, I was wondering how can I flavor my weed for when I smoke it will have a different taste? Don't get my wrong, the regular taste of weed is great, but I want to try something a little different ya know?

    I heard about these flavor drops but I don't feel like wasting money on that.

    I heard about something about putting your buds in a jar with oragne peels in it for a bit it will make the weed taste better? Is that in fact true? Will it make the smokes scent change too?
  2. You could roll joints with flavored paper, or you could get a cat to piss on it and it will smell like the cat-piss strain
  3. buy the little drop things.

    putting oranges in your stash can make it mold, and flavored papers suck.

    the little drops are not expencive i dont think...never bought them my self, but they cant be too much.
  4. who on gods green earth would WANT to smell cat urine?:eek: I have 4 cats and trust me. worst smell on the planet.

    You could try flavored papers (I'd try watermelon, strawberry, maybe grape) or if you smoke spliffs then try experimenting with certain teas? I had this great pomogranite green tea once and it had a very strong fruity flavor. never tried smoking tea before but maybe give it a try?
  5. [quote name='lady garbage']who on gods green earth would WANT to smell cat urine?:eek: I have 4 cats and trust me. worst smell on the planet.

  7. yeah, but dookie is dookie.

    ive had male cats, id still say ther shit is worse, how ever, ive never had a cat shit on my clothes.

    i still dont think cat shit is the worse smell in the world how ever.

    this has nothing to do with the thread lmfao.
  8. Haha.. so enough about cats? Anyways I can do it besides the drops and papers, I just usually smoke out of a bowl.
  9. Smoke a good flavored dutch. Other than that, you could try and find a nice strain of dank like chocolope, which is one of the tastiest smokes I've ever had.

  10. you can out the drops in a bowl...if thats what your saying.

  11. pull some leaves off a mint plant and crush them up and put them in a joint
  12. Theyre called OG Drops. They taste AMAZING!! Trust me. They cost like 5 bucks a bottle here(depending on the store) and you only need two drops in each bowl and your weed will taste SOOOOOOOOO good
  13. those drops are your best bet imo there are a few different brands of them and they come in lots of flavors.
    also juicy jay brand rolling papers have a shit ton of different flavors and they are pretty tasty as well.
    you could also try adding different herb / tea / flavored tobacco combos to your bowls or joints.
    another thing which some may disagree but a bit of honey thinly spread in your joint or blunt can also add a sweeter flavor and make it burn slower. however some may say that the sugar in honey is harsh when it burns.
  14. unless you get some mexican shit weed, why would you want to flaver you weed for? i think for the most part the natural taist of weed is the best
  15. flavored bluntwrap... i'm not big on flavoring my weed though
  16. i wouldnt wanna take the chance with orange peels because of the mold issues and i wouldnt put drops into my weed because i like dry good burning bud. i like to roll with blue juju flavor zig zags best tasting blunt wrap and easy to get or just get a tasty strain
  17. Get a cherry flavored blunt wrap..mmmmm. I bought one when I rolled my first blunt and it kinda sucked ass but I think you can get flavored dutches. go to a cigar/tobacco shop and ask about flavored cigars.
  18. tasty puff. they have all kinds of flavors. Blueberry is my fav. a couple drops on an ounze will do the job, but they recommend a drop or 2 on every bowl,joint,blunt your gonna smoke. i dont like the chemical taste doing it like that so i just put a couple drops on an oz and let it sit overnight then presto you can now sell your buds for 50 bucks more because you have "blueberry" weed and noone else does!
  19. After this thread it got me thinking and I think I'm going to try an all-natural peppermint tea and see how it goes next time I blaze.
  20. I don't have too much experience with this sort of thing but I've heard that mixing some Shisha in is alright. If you don't mind some tobacco with your weed.
    Otherwise Id say just learn to enjoy the taste of weed alone.

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