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How can I feel less guilty about my parents?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Linguistics, May 21, 2010.

  1. So my parents knows that I smoke sometimes but everytime they know I'm going to smoke or have been smoking earlier my mum seems to be very annoyed and look down on me and sometimes answering with one word answers - which of course makes me feel guilty.

    Now I'm pretty sure my mum used to smoke it when she was younger but my dad didn't (I really don't care what he thinks).

    So tonight me and a buddy are gonna go out for a session (it's a really nice evening here in the U.K.) and I'm gonna say we're going for a walk but my mum will instantly know we are going to smoke. What else would two 18 year old boys be doing on a "walk" on a nice sunny evening :p.

    So is there some way I can shift the guilt? Any tips from other people who were in the same situation?
  2. You could always kill them...that way they can't bother you anymore.*

    *not to be taken seriously.
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  3. Don't say you're going for a walk maang. Say you're going to the store or a friend's place. That's how you stay in the clear.
  4. She knows. Just talk to her about it more and let her understand that you smoke weed, thats what you like to do. It helps you for whatever reasons. If she doesnt come to terms with you smoking, then she will never accept it.
  5. I agree with DMX.... which sounds incredibly weird to say.

    I was lucky enough to have parents that not only are classy alcoholics (3 scotch and sodas and 2 glasses of wine a day) but used to experiment with drugs... hey! they were born in 48!

    I simply said that look... i dont particularly enjoy getting drunk, though I do enjoy the effects of smoking marijuana. it cools me down. it increases my appetite (im 5'10'' and 108lb... i know.. i know..). it soothes my anxiety and neuroticisms. ultimately it doesnt make me any different a person, its just a relaxant that helps me cope with the enormous rigors and metaphysical weight that comes with life.

    if your mother can't accept a calm, rational argument for why your smoking habits are in line responsibly, she isn't ever going to.
  6. If you mom REALLY knows then the best thing to do with her is have a discussion. Sit down ask her what her worries are,,,,,for example she thinks your gonna drop out of school just to blaze, etc. Try to get her to understand WHY you smoke and assure her that you have things under control. Smoking weed now for me personally has become as normal as drinking alchohol(which i dont so thats why i blaze xD)

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