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How can I convince my parents to let me smoke in the house?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BlazinHigh03, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. I know you are all probably already too tired of these posts, but I seriously need help with this :(

    The reason I started smoking is mostly to relieve stress. I tried it out just to have a good time with friends, but it turned out to not only cause me to have a great time, but it relieved most of my stress, and for some reason, I am a very stressful person. I've always been like that, and I never talked about it to anybody, but it always bothered me, and at times, was too much to bare.

    Now I'm thinking about speaking to my mom, and telling her how I smoke, and I've been smoking for a few months (supposedly), and how I'm doing it because it relieves my stress, but trying to keep it a secret has caused more stress than it has relieved (which is true), and that it would also be much safer for me to do it in the house, rather than outside, to prevent any legal trouble.

    I've been caught once months ago, and they was shouting at first, but after a few minutes they calmed down, and they said calmly something along the lines of "I say you shouldn't do it again, it's harmful, and illegal" etc etc, and I explained how it is not bad for you, and they didn't object much, they expressed that they think it is, but did not argue. I'm also under the suspicion that they have found my stash, and they know I smoke, probably also know I smoke only 3-4 times a week, since they would notice how often weed is missing, if they have been keeping an eye on it.

    Should I do it? What other suggestions do you have for me? If they don't agree, how can I keep smoking? Because I really don't wanna have to stop doing it, not that I am addicted or anything, I'm probably the most responsible person I know when it comes to it, but I still wouldn't want to completely quit.
  2. Sounds like you're not mature enough to have that conversation with them yet. Why cant you smoke outside?
  3. ya man just smoke outside. summers coming i can't fuckin wait to be able to sit outside and smoke peacefully, not worryin about the coldness or anything :) Happy tokin

  4. What makes you think I'm not mature enough to have that conversation with them yet?

    The problem is my eyes get really red, and I have to be home so I can have easy access to eye drops. And also, I enjoy sitting at the computer, listening to music and stuff when I'm high. I can't do that stuff being outside, and especially if I was by myself, it wouldn't be any fun at all.
  5. Show them The Union.

    Just kidding, someone's about to say it and I want to beat them to the punch.

  6. Yeah, you're partly right, but as I said in my earlier post, it's not as easy and/or enjoyable to be outside when I'm high for me. Plus I've once smoked too much, and I almost passed out right in the middle of the street, so I'm anxious about it happening again when I'm outside, but at home I'm able to be much calmer..

  7. Yeah I was waiting for someone to say it too haha.

    I've actually considered it, but I'm not sure it'll convince them :/

  8. It takes 5 minutes to smoke.

    I thought you said you smoked to relieve stress, not because it was fun.
  9. Ok its very easy to get high and go on your computer, pack your bowl inside, bring your lighter, walk outside, hit that shit. You'll be done smoking in 5-10 min. walk inside and youll be as high as a kite, then you sit on your computer and put music on!
  10. I don't think it's necessary for you to "convince" your parents to let you smoke inside.

    If you talk to them about it, and they decide that it's fine for you to smoke then why can't you just do it outside. They would know you're smoking anyway, so you can go outside and smoke, then come back in and go to your computer and listen to music or whatever.

    If you talk to them about it and they don't want you to smoke (still), then you're going to have to smoke outside in secret anyway.

    You are living in their house. If I had a kid (that was over 18) living in my house, I wouldn't care if they smoked, but I'm not letting them do it in the house. They can take their ass into the backyard to light up a J and then come back in for all I care - but inside it ain't happening.

  11. Because you live at home with your parents and all the shit you "stress" about is all really pointless. You smoke because its cool or you like the way it feels and you want to be able to smoke in the comfort of your own room.

    Go out on the back porch and smoke your joint or rip your bong and then go the fuck back inside. Its literally 5 mins, if you cant handle smoking outside then just quit now.
  12. End of the day dude there your parents, they told they dont want you smoking it so your anwsers right there, you cant go up to them they will proberly shout at you again, im not saying stop im just saying carry on the way you are and hope you dont get caught, definetly not go up to them, to them its a drug.

  13. thats what i do...
  14. i bet youll be able to smoke in the house if you had your own place.
  15. Roll yourself a joint, invest in an mp3 player, carry eyesdrops in your pocket, problem solved

  16. I MAINLY smoke to relieve stress. I never said it's not a shitload of fun too :D

    I live in an apartment though, and even though I could just walk out in the balcony, smoke, and come back in, it would be dangerous, because people may see me and/or smell it, and call the cops.

    It's not that I don't agree with's just harder for me to hide than it is for most people, that's all. That is, because of where I live, and how sneaky my parents are.

    Dude! I never said I don't like the way it feels! The stress relief is part of liking how it feels, along with many other things! And that's what I've been doing for more than a year now, I've been smoking in the bathroom, with the window open, blowing all the smoke outside, and I didn't have any problem with smell, the main problems are the lighter flick sound, and my parents walking in on me.
  17. You really had to make a thread about this? Like really??? You must be underage...what kind of responses did you expect?
  18. I don't understand why you would have to worry about your parents being "sneaky" if you tell them you smoke weed to relieve stress and they accept that.

    If they say they still don't want you smoking weed, then you're just going to be in the exact same position you are in right now (trying to hide it form them).

  19. Yeah you're right...that's what I've been thinking..seems like I won't be trying to tell them after all..I'll just keep smoking the way I've been doing, and whatever happens happens, if they catch me, they caught me. I guess I'll deal with it when it actually happens :/

    I bet I wouldn't be asking this question if I had my own place, would I?

    That's what I'm probably gonna do...I guess it's better than nothing.

  20. just go out on the balcony. nobody cares enough to call the cops but they might talk to your parents. if you have your own balcony in the apt set up some barriers to hide what you're doing and if you think smell is an issue use a sploof. and as for the flicking of the lighter get some hemp wick.

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