How can i buy the seeds!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ryguy10568, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. okay, i am still living in my parents house but want to buy seeds online. How can i do this? can i make them ship it with the package say tamato seeds? please help!

  2. i think i might just have to ask a friend. i don't want to risk it, i'm in MA so...
  3. Use a pre paid credit card and most companies are very discreet, and have good methods of delivering what you ordered. I'm not going to mention the methods they use because like I said, it's suppose to be discreet. Use a fake name when you order it to your friends house as well, and let him in on it too so he knows to sign and doesn't send the package away.
  4. i've ordered from one company,they came as maps in a small envalope.
  5. They usualy come in a mailer with only your name and addy and some sellers stealth the contents. For safety send it to a place you won't be growing at and most seed sellers, if you do, require a international gift card. or money order. That's the golden rule but, wonder how many follow the rule!!...Attitude is about the best seed bank. I've also used and comes very stealth and safe.
  6. will these places ship to any state?

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