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how can brownies get you high when thc burns off?

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by PurpleDino, May 10, 2009.

  1. this is like my 2nd time posting this and i didnt really get good answers.
    im trying to use some store bought brownie mix and use some cannaoil to make them.
    How would they work if the brownies bake at like 350?
    i hear thc burns off at 300 degrees
  2. THC is fat solube... (hence the reason it binds with the chocolate ;P)... It doesnt burn off... it makes love with the chocolate!!!!
  3. this is what ive always wondered. i ate 1 and it was packed with weed. and i didnt get high i just got a really bad stomach ache n more
  4. The THC molecules magically teleport into anything that contains fat, and trans fats. Your bud is left without any THC, but instead the tasty brownies now contain it. If you don't know what solubility is, you're NOT 18.

    This is as simple as it gets kids ;)
  5. oh i kno what that is. i just didnt get high off it. maybe the weed was shit weed. or maybe it wasnt cooked right. but i sure as hell didnt get high
  6. Maybe you didn't have a good brownie mix : weed ratio ?
  7. trans fat = ewwww
    how can you mix beautiful THC with such nasty artificial bullshittt???

  8. who said i didnt know what solubility was dumbshit?:hello::hello::hello:

  9. no you dumbos! thats not how you make pot brownies! this is the '09! Just sprinkle them dam buds on top of your brownie and light it while eating it! As simple as it gets! :p

  10. wow. damn, oh well im making them for finals schools done finally. here i come world
  11. as rastafari said "it is soluble" and not only that, the oven heat, slowly releases the THC and it mixes in with the chocolate.

    its kinda like a vaporizer, the vaporizer doesnt "burn" the weed, it heats it up enough to release the THC.

  12. THC burns at 392degF.

    Heres a tip, be a man and dont bake by the instructions, bake it 25-50degF lower than what it says, esp for brownies :) Just increase the time, then they are more potent! read my thread, I explain it all in my method.:hello:
  13. Buy brownie mix at your local convenience store, one that contains some type of oil.(i prefer oil over butter because butter burns easier)

    Grind up the amount of weed you want to put in the brownies.

    Take the amount of oil it calls for a recipe and put it in a frying pan on med-low.
    -Add the ground up weed to the oil and stir it around n let it cook for 20 minutes but don't let the weed burn.
    -The oil after your done should be a dark brown color, u can strain out the weed particles if u want but it really doesn't matter you're going to be fucked up either way and just follow the rest of the instructions and enjoy your brownies.

  14. Doing it that way isnt as efficient at all. First of all oil burns at lower temperatures, ha, and second that method wouldnt taste as well, not even close to my methods quality. But hey what ever works for ya buddy.

  15. i disagree. i've made brownies this way many times and it got us all blasted

  16. im not saying you wont get high, yoour not getting the potential out of your product, thats what im saying. My way surpasses your 'blasted'ness of oil, thats all im saying.
  17. It's not magic it's chemistry. And to OP you want them to reach burning level because it doesn't burn off the THC adhere's to the fat in the mix.

  18. i will use the oil method because there is less work having to be done. i will let the bud sit in the oil for at lest 3 days. i use once the THC gets into the fat it STILL wont burn? I do enjoy cooking a lot but im not really into the science of cooking that much.

    This will be tested during High School Finals :hello::hello::hello::hello::hello:
  19. This has nothing to do with anything, and is also a false statement.

    And if you're making brownies you don't just dump the bud in cause then it's all...icky. You should make cannabutter and use that butter in the brownies, much better, tastier and more efficient method. But yes, the THC is fat soluble, so when THC is heated in something with fat or oils the fat/oils absorbs the THC.

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