How big of a risk is it to charge back?

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  1. I tried to save a little money by buying my seeds directly from the breeder ( At first they were very helpful and responsive, assuring me that they shipped to the US etc.
    Then a few days after I placed my order they said they were sorry, but their bank informs them they can't take a credit card payment from the US and that they'd be refunding me.  That was now 3 weeks ago-  I still don't have a refund and they've stopped answering my emails.
    I would have gotten a chargeback already, but it's on my bank statement as something like "thc grow shop". How risky is it to dispute? I don't really have the 60 bucks to throw away, but given the choice of that or cops at my door obviously I'd choose the loss.

  2. First they are outright lying. If they were unable to accept your card, it wouldnt have been charged at all. I would dispute it.
    Hadn't thought of that, but makes sense.
    You don't think the name of the company will be an issue when I bring my bank's attention to though, right?
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    I'd be pretty pissed if this was on my bank statement, the damage is done.  I don't see how you disputing this charge would be a bad thing at this point.  Personally my disputing it would be my defense, if I was ever called on it.  "I don't want to pay for what I didn't order"
    Years ago I heard of some similar scam, only they would issue a refund check from a company with a sex shop theme.  There hope was a percentage of the people they scammed would be too embarrassed to deposit a check at their local bank from Joe's dildo factory.  This was way before computerized banking.  Sounds like you were victimized by a similar company.
    Maybe someone with more legal insight can chime in, but I'd fight it.
    That's an idea from lock, stock, and two smoking barrels- great movie :)
    I did get an  email from them today though saying that the only guy who spoke english was out sick all week and that they would be refunding me. Maybe it's true, maybe they actually saw me publicly complaining about them, either way I'll give em a couple more days to fix it I think.
  6. Where do you think they got the idea?  
    Please update when you hear anything.
    Good luck.
    haha fair enough.
    Will do, thanks.
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    Well, I'm annoyed.
    After all that they said they never got any money. I showed them a screenshot of my bank statement, saying that in fact they did. They then said that it was mastercard's fault, that mastercard was threating to cut them off for offering to ship seeds to the US, and that they had received no money. I find this odd since it's a Visa and I just used it sucessfully to buy seeds from a different company.
    Calling the bank later today I suppose. Still not looking forward to having to tell them to look up a charge called "thc grow shop"
  9. On the plus side, talking to my bank went well. I've never been so happy to get someone who's first language clearly was not english.

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