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How big is half an ounce on marijuana?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by crzyant7, May 5, 2009.

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    Hello, i am new to the forums. I started smoking about a year ago on and off. Since then I have only had little amount of bud (nicks and dimes). Tomorrow I am getting half an ounce. I do not really know how big this should be so i want to make sure i do not get ripped off. I do not have a scale. I am paying $70 for it so i want to make sure i get half an ounce. Does anyone know anything that i can compare the amount of bud i should be getting to? Oh and btw it is going to be in a plastic baggie. :confused:

    I will post pictures once i get it so you guys can tell me if i got ripped off or not.
  2. $70 for half an ounce? What kind of weed are you buying? Schwag?

    a half ounce of weed would be just a tad over 14 grams.. if you're paying $70, then I wouldn't worry so much about getting what you paid for as long as you receive a nice fat sack.. I pay $60/8th lmao.
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    Its about the size of half a bag of sandwich size zip lock. But different buds weigh differently but they are pretty close to it. An Oz is a sandwich bag full of bud.
  4. Well bud around where i live doesn't cost too much. Plus, i am getting it off of my friend (sweet hook ups :D lol). but no its not swag because i have smoked this same kind of bud before and it is pretty good. Regs i guess :smoking:
  5. thank you pain killer. now should the half a sandwich bag be like packed or just half a sandwich bag if i lay it out like flat?
  6. bump**************
  7. Well at that price if you get anything over 10g's you'll be getting a good deal.

    Even I dont get those kinds of prices, and I live in freakin Vancouver, BC:D

    If your worried he might rip you off, just ask him to weigh it out in front of ya, I cant see him refusing to weigh it, unless he's deliberately trying to rip you off.
  8. nobody can tell unless you weigh it. you could get a 10g nug for all we know and it ends up only having like 5 nugs. it has to do with the weight
  9. well not to gett to much off topic i live in cleveland and a half oz of mids is like 60. then again my dealer is my bro soo its legitt. people need to stop being like jockin on how much they spend for weed lol.
  10. Yeah down here in bama you can usually get a zip of reg for 120. Shit, I always thought that was high until I joined this website. Dank is usaly 20-25 a g though
  11. 20-25 a gram for dank? thats alot of $, 25 a gram makes an ounce worth 700 dollars lmao
    I pay 30/60 for fire.
    anyways its usually a pretty thick bag if its fluffy buds, which it wont be.
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    14 GRAMS?:confused_2:
  13. 14 grams. a quarter of storage bag. when i bought an ounce the whole storage bag was full

  14. wow 120? geez thats alot. here in miami since all we have really is chronic, regs ares super cheap. last time bought it was 60 a zip lol but id rather smoke dank
  15. all dpeends on where you live pricewise, and the quality obviously.

    but 14 grams is a half ounce.
  16. its about <<

    >> this much
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  17. it all varies...lol

    sometimes my guys ounce only takes up half a sandwich zip lock because its so dense, othertimes like the stuff i just picked up is like 3/4 a bag
  18. scales are like $20... invest in one if youre that worried, and you wont ever get riped off.

    btw, I get a half O of mids for $50 which gernally looks like the size of a baseball, make sure it looks good.
  19. I picked one up off eBay for 8 bucks, it's legit too, calibrated it to make sure it wasn't some Chinese POS.
  20. Ounce of Mids goes for 60-80$ here. Louisiana, and dank goes for 60/8th and like 430/oz ..Its pretty decent mids tho, no headache all i really care about, sounds legit.

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