how big before i can turn on hps?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by aparker813, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. i've got 2 42w spiral flos right now on about 4 plants so they're growing incredibly slow which is driving me many nodes or how big should they be before i can turn a 250hps? i really dont want them to keep stretching like they are
  2. Turn it on now. I use HPS from start to finish, I dont even screw around with floros anymore, too much of a hassle IMO.
  3. You can use it as soon as you'd like..but i prefer to use my fluros for the first week or so. Although the fluro i use is pretty strong (125w)
  4. i made the same mistake as you once. I put my sprouts under a cfl because i thought my 250w hps would be too much. They streched so far it took a lot of work to fix them.
  5. For years I have put seedlings that just popped out of the soil, right under my 400 watt HPS. Works just fine. Its never too early to give them decent light.
  6. damn i gotta quit forgetting i made topics...anyways i burned some real bad with it a few weeks ago so thats why i was 2 or 3 nodes how far off the plants should i keep the light?
  7. yeah start to finish with the hps guy .... that fluro ...well its ..a fluro..:p
  8. Try starting the seedlings at about 12" inches from the tops to the light. Keep a fan blowing on it so that they stay cool and keep a close eye on them. Place the light at 12 inches above and then put your hand at the tops of the plants and see if your hand gets hot after a few minutes. If it does not then you are fine.
  9. right on the money,,,,, i flouroed mine about 4 wks. before i threw them under the 400 hid..... i found a little shit sprout that started to grow by my porch( a seed from a porch roll threw overboard),,,,,any how i threw that bastard in a 4'' pot and slapped it right under that 400,,,, vegged it for about 3 wks. with a metal halide conversion bulb,,,, its a female been flowering now about 11 days,,,,, its turned into my sea of green experiment plant,,,,,if i did the sog they would all proably be that size....good luck to yaaa;)

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