how badly is this rootbound?? pic

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by cowofsteel, May 17, 2004.

  1. Okay, my first grow was going good until my plants became root bound (which I should have forseen) and I do plan on transplanting to 3 gallon pots tommrow, but I would like to no how bad a case of rootboundness (i think i just made a word up) I'm dealing with, here is a pic I just took.

    thanks everyone

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  2. That's not bad at all. Just make sure you loosen all the soil AND the rootball. Be careful not to break the roots, just loosen them up a bit. It's going to be fine. I had one just like that last year.
  3. HIGH All, yes it's time and it's not that rootbound...3gallon pots are 5 gallon ones to big for your space? You know what they say "Bigger Roots=Bigger Plants=Bigger Buds.
  4. no actually I'm going to walmart right now to pick up some 3 gallon pots, another cfl and a mylar blanket to reflect light... good to know it isn't too bad, and I'll make sure to loosen the soil..

    when you say the rootball, what exactly do you mean? thanks

    edit - whoops, I'm at my friends house, forgot this is his account... lol stoners :smoking:
  5. The "rootball" is the whole mess of roots. When the container is too small the roots grow around the pot creating a ball.
    It's not hard to loosen just do it carefully and take your time not to break the roots apart. Keep as much as you can.
  6. alright, i just bought some bigger pots (don't know how big, it says 20 inches or something on it) and a bigger rubbermaid and a new 42 watt cfl so i'm resetting up tonight... should be lots of fun :D
  7. okay, they are actually 8 inches, 20 cenimeters, but I took a pic just to be safe..

    should this be big enough?

    Also, is it a problem that I have to wait until tommrow to transplant them? If I did it tonight I would have to do it in a hurry, and with these types of things I don't like to hurry unless I have to, so any advice would be well appericated.

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  8. its probably nt big enought for flowering, at leat a 4-5 gal. pot for flowering. but that will do for now.

    dont hurry, because haste makes waste, take your time, its best to do it at night, when not as much light can get on the roots.

    also, would you be able to take a pic of the plant?
  9. There are 8 plants, and yes I will take many pictures tonight... I'm sure they will all be root-bound, but I don't mind much, I just hope the potting soil I picked out is good! :D
  10. sweet, also, what strains are they?
  11. nug bagseed :(

    I was supposed to get some great strains from someone here at the city, but the got destroyed in the mail, so I'm stuck with bagseed once again..... blows, but nothing I can do
  12. Well, I just got done transplanting, but I was having some trouble... I couldn't really loosen the soil without breaking any of the roots, will this kill my plants??? sure hope not, just spend better part of 3 hours transplanting and building a new home
  13. no, its not going to kill them, it will just give them a shock "transplant shock" growth might slow down or even stop for a day of 2 while it forms new roots, a good idea is to get some superthrive root enhancer (root stimulant). but you should notice her booming in a few days if you gave her some high quality fertile soil.
  14. that is what I was told at OG too, but I don't know where I can find this stuff, we don't really have a garden store per say... we have like Walmart super store (fucking lots of stuff there), ace hardware, true value, shopko... i don't know, not very many places here with gardning shit
  15. damn, you can try at walmatr, they should have some, but if not go to a local hydro store.

    im relitively lucky, i got one aroudn the corner, its a small and expensicve one, but i know the guy pretty good, i shop around get quotes and he lowers his prices to the competitors prices, so instead of going 40ks to get it cheaer, he will meet their prices. and ontop of that i get discounts for however much i spend.
  16. our closest hydro shop in about 2 and half hours from here, so thats a no go, but I'll check in town, and if not, theres Jung Garden Shop 20 minutes from here, I'll have to check it out
  17. Go to and type in 'greenhouse' or 'nursery' and then type in your area code. It's just a yellowpages but you might find a bunch of stores near you. I thought I only had one store in my town and I searched with that and found around 30. Good luck finding a place though.
  18. hi ya. i got the same prob my hydro shop that i use is 500ks away or a 5hr drive.i just get him to courier the stuff i want.
  19. I have some of thoose pots too man, can't beat 88 cent wal-mart pots.

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