How bad will 5 budding plants smell?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Cloud Rhinos, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. I live relatively close to my neighbors so I'm wondering what precautionary measures I should take for growing 5 plants. For the sake of the question, assume it's a very smelly indica.
  2. You better be going to get a carbon filter soon or well Your house will smell like straight dank.
  3. get an air scrubber bro, too many folks get in trouble over the smell............
  4. Even during veg they will smell.
  5. They'll smell like 5 skunks in a closet!:smoke:
  6. They wont smell bad at all..:rolleyes:...

    They will smell fookin great... ya ya got 15 lbs of dank sitting on the counter.. I have two carbon scrubbers in my house for the gardens..
    and two weeks prior to harvest I still have to keep the windows closed and stop all visitors.. The smeel is powerful and over bearing...

    But imo...It smells great:D:p
  7. Get a carbon filter. If you are even remotely worried about the smell it means you should have a carbon filter.
  8. I got one hardy indica in my closet and by itself its soooo stinky, better take care of the smell....better safe then sorry
  9. Same here.. I have a big scrubber with my 3 plants and the last 2 weeks gets sooooo smelly that i have use air freshing and other methods to keep the smell down.. Those last two weeks they freakin REAK ! ! ! . . . << Good problem to have
  10. Move to the country where you don't have to worry about smell. I bask in the stench daily.

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