How bad is tobacco for u from a blunt (phillies)

Discussion in 'General' started by boredjim8, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. Is it worse than ciggs? more cancer-causing .. or is it the same shit just not chopped up as finely?

    I ask this cause i threw in a lil in my blunt yesterday .. i grinded it up in my grinder with double the amount of nug to tobacco (so 2gs mj 1g tobacco so to say) get to work wait for a good time and me and a cook go out back.. as were blazin half way i get really tingly and heavy dizzy feeling and start shakin feelin really fucked up .. then we finish and im like damn i cant move i walk back in really slowly .. then i start workin again.. and i feell like SHIT .. i mean i used to smoke ciggs and i stopped cause i didnt like them nemore and when i take a puff of a cig i gag and almost throwup like shit.. but i dont mind the tobacco from the blunt ;\ so if its really bad for me (worse than a cig) id like to kno.. and dam was that a buzz kill

    funny shit tho i clock out on break at eight (30 min break for dinner) i finsh eatin early and was like fuck it im going to go clock in.. so i walk outfront and FORGET what the fuck im doin and just go into the bathroom forget to clcok in and go and start workin.. then 5 mins later im like FUCK i forgot to clock in.. so again i went back out front to clock in .. after i go though the 2 doors to get to the front i again forgot why i was there so i get a drink.. about 15 mins later this time im like FUCK ME and actully clock in.. damn i worked for free for lik e20 mins yesterday :( o well tho
  2. omg that is gross

    I just think about ti like this, imagine grinding up the blunt(after its been gutted) and how much tobacco that is already. I love blunts but sometimes I think about that they weren't made to be inhaled like this.
  3. the tobacco from blunts is not meant to be inhaled into the lungs, only the mouth.
  4. its really not that bad.. it doesnt taste bad at all and i didnt use that much jsut a lil filling .. and i kno there not ment to be in haled but such a minute amount cant be too hazzordus .. can it?

    o well i wont do it i guess hehe .. i did get realy dizzy / sick feelin so ima jsut stick w/ striaght up weed [eace
  5. Of course the tobacco is made to be inhaled into the lungs...some people choose to just take it into their mouth though...
  6. I dunno, a gram of cigar tobacco is a fucking lot. Especially when there's only 2 grams of weed in it.
  7. "so to say" .. thats what i ment by double parts not thatsh ow much i put in..

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