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how bad does astmha have to be for Med Marijuana?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by conway bong 768, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. i've heard a few states give medical marijuana for asthma
    my question is does the asthma have to be really bad?
    or is it just if you have asthma,you'll get it in those states.
    i'd really like to know some information because i want some medical marijuana
  2. i want medical marijuana too :)
    your very first step, is to ask your dr.
    some states require 2 specialists to validate (for lack of a better word) that you actually would benifit from medical mj.

  3. If your ahstma is that bad then I imagine smoking weed would be pretty bad for you. I know it opens up your lungs and shit but unless its vaporized this is a pretty strange approach to help a lung problem.

  4. you dont have asthma do you.
  5. ive never heard of a state allowing medical weed for asthma and i follow the medical weed world very closely, i think you should double check your source cause i dont think its true. i could be wrong but im pretty confident that its not true.
  6. ive had astmha all my life and ive grown to know that smoking ..Cigarettes or MJ.. or inhaling or being near any smoke actually induces astmha because it makes it harder to breath i dont know if any doctor in there right mind would prescribe somthing that will make it more posible to have an astmha attack...
    i can support this by .. astmha is just a diease that makes people with astmha have less of a breath . like that cant breath as much .. and when ya smoke its harder to breath cuz the smoke is not "supposed to me in ur lungs

    and i dunt think weed helps my astmha at all might even make it worse lolz

    but its worth a try maybe ur doc would think of sum Kr4zy way that it may help ehhe

    Good luck
  7. krazytoka... i strongly advise you try getting a vapouriser and smoking some THC.

    it is a great bronchial dialator, just like your inhalor.

    personally, if i have even an interupted supply of cannabis, i NEVER need to use my inhalor. when on long periods without my prefered medication i have to use it several times a day.

    kr4zytoka, you are the first asthmatic i'v met who claims cannabis has a negative effect on your asthma. i suggest finding a cleaner method of taking it. eating is one thing, but if you realise you can actually use cannabis to help combat your asthma, you will need direct and instant relief. a vapouriser is the best way as it cuts out far FAR more of all the stuff that could agrevate the condition.

    if you've been smoking high quality bud tho, it really does suprise me that you still experience ill effect.

    you've not been smokin it in joints have you?

    because paper smoke is one of the worst types of smoke for asthma sufferers. get a pipe, bong or vapo.

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