How Awkward Is This?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by NeverComingDown, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. Saturday night I was at this party it was around midnight so I already had a couple drinks and a lot to smoke. Im standing there with my group of people and we where pretty close to the dancefloor where they were playing the music. I start looking around at the other party people and this chick I know who was like 15 feet away starts to wave at me and says something too cause I saw her lips move but i couldnt make out what she said cause the music was pretty loud so I just stand there staring at her. I never waved back at her cause I had no clue she was waving at me since theres so many other people around. I was going to go up to her during the night of the party and explain what happened but never got the chance too.

  2. you don't have to explain shit . just mack on her dude
  3. Maybe she was waving at someone else
  4. It!'s not awkward unless you make it.
    Just walk up to her. if it wasn't you still say hi, still a conversation starter
  5. take your pants off
    ... That escalated quickly...
  7. About tree fiddy
  8. She want our D stop being a pussy and fuck her...... tough love

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  9. It sounded like it was pretty awkward
  10. she will never wave to you again, all chances of pounding that nice fine teen puss is now gone, good job
  11. It's not awkward, just you getting laughed at by the dog for missing the ducks....
  12. Overcome your shyness and tap that ass.
  13. you should of just waved for her to come over and lay that game down

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