how are they looking?

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    There about 6 weeks into flowering,strains are the purps and sour d!Any info would be appreciated.
  2. Where do you live?? I just want one nug. ONE NUG pleeeease.

    No but for real, they're looking very nice. :D
  3. .healthy n those colas loooook sweet!
  4. northern cali
  5. thank you!
  6. wowwwww. +rep.

    what is your nute schedule like?
  7. i use about 8 teaspoons of general hydro liquid koolbloom in 5gallons of water,every other day
  8. i love weed porn:hello:
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    i just gota come back n say pic 5 is just amazing i want i want i want
  10. they are looking really good. looks mad yummy to i bet your excited to pack some of that. if i were you i would let them go another 2-3 weeks into flowering. untill the hairs are fully bloomed in. like you first couple of pics. those strains are denseee:smoke:
  11. nice looking plant, shes a bute
  12. much apreciated bro!:smoke:

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