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  1. I made the mistake of putting two plants in one container but i was wondering how they look the one ismt looking as good as the other any suggestions? I use the general organics go box and started both from seed in middle of april, i am using twist ties low stress training. And if one finishes before the other if i cut one will it affect the other?

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  2. Heres the rest

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  3. Looking good. The 2 plants will compete for mites. If I could i would try and separate the 2 plants.
  4. How would u even attempt that without ruining them
  5. Well i would just figure out where the best place to like slice down they thru the media and pull them apart. As long as they are spread apart in the container, no problem. You will just be cutting the small hair roots of all goes well and they probably will bounce right back in their new home.

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