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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by shane4050, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. Well today i stopped by the local home depot and got 3 30w=120w cfl light output is 2 000 lumens will these lights work? i also got a splitter for the lights the lights came up to 27.58can with the splitter.

  2. fine, this kind of light will allow you to grow from 1 to 10 plants depending on how much bud you want. If its your first time youll be amazed to see the plants grow. However, if you are planning on making some really bad ass colas youll need more watts.

    If you ever feel like getting more light try getting some warm light fluoros to complete a bit the light spectrum emited.

    Keep the bulbs as close as possible since they dont put out to much heat.

    Good luck and enjoy...
  3. awsome it is my first grow and i already h ave soil and everything and i have 3 seeds germinating and i have like 14 more seeds in a bag.
    thanks for the help and ill keep the light like 2 inchs away from the plants
  4. it depends on the color temperature of the lights. You can buy CFLs that are the wrong spectrum and they won't do you much good.

  5. Just out of curiosity, what type of soil you got there? Not trying to be nosey, just want to prevent any sick plant problems and subsequent threads.
  6. i dont know what kind of soil ill check l ater but i beleave we layed it down in our tomato garden. and how do u find out the spectrum and whats the right one?
  7. you want a color temp as close to 6500K as possible. In lieu of that, try to get one under 3000K. You want wavelengths that are close to the ends of light spectrum (blue and red). 6500K has the advantage of simulating daylight and provides a very wide and saturating color temp. Another indicator is to look at the CRI rating of the lamps.
  8. i dont mean to be a douche or anything...but im pretty sure that says "3 - 30watt CFLs = 120 watts"

    if im not wrong...3 x 30 is 90, not 120
    sorry if that pissed u off but i jus wanna make sure u arent like "wtf my plants yielded shit when i used 120 watts"
  9. I think he might be saying he got 3x30W bulbs and each bulb is equivelent to a 120W bulb. So, in effect, he will be using 90W like you say, but with a lumen output equivelent to 360W of incandescent light. maybe? who knows...
  10. thats exactly what im saying

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