How Are My Seedlings Looking So Far?

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  1. This is my first time growing. I'm growing all autos: Cream of Crop Amphetamine, Royal Bluematic, and Green Poison. They sprouted through the soil on May 26th, so today will be their 13th day of life. I had all of the seedlings on a heating pad until the only other outlet around the plants stopped working. :mad: But until I get that fixed, the seedlings are under an 80 watt four-foot fluroescent light 24/7. The temperature in the room is colder than it should be, around 65F. I also have a fan gently blowing on the plants which is going to make that lack-of-a-heating pad problem even worse. I watered them today, (I water every Wendesday). The question is, are my seedlings growing slower than usual? Do they look like they have any problems? I don't want to mess it up and lose those plants or anything. Here's a few pictures, positive or negative feedback is always welcome. :smoke:


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  2. They look pretty good. How close is your light? And what kind of soil is that? I don't really see any perlite in there. 
  3. Also, are they big enough to transplant? I'm wondering when the best time is from solo-cups to 5-gallon buckets.
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    The light is about an inch away from the plants at all times. I'm using Fox Farm Happy Frog soil, it drains very well.
  5. okay as long as you have good draiange but for future reference I would still put more perlite. Help get O2 to the roots. But they can stay in thos cups for awhile. 2-3 weeks is good before transplant but I mean people harvest in those cups lol. MJ will really grow in any space you give it. But it's to early to transplant man they're still babies let them fill out that cup first.
    A good rule of thumb with the cups is when the fan leaves are as wide as the cup and start going over the edge, transplant.
  6. Thanks Ganj, I'll wait another week or two to transplant. I'll add more perlite to the final containers too for O2.
  7. Hell yeah man. When you add the perlite you'll notice them growing like mad. 
    Good luck and happy growing. :wave:

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