How are my plants doing.

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  1. How you guys doing. I haven't been on in a while I miss it. Lol. Ok here we go I got 3 plants growing right now. They seem to doing good. I had a problem with the temp hit up to 95 degrees. I had fix the problem by moving the ac air flowing in the go thru the bottom of my grow room. I really want to know what nuts are good to use for when I start flowering stage. I only have been feeding them water so far. Thanks for your help.



  2. They look nice!! I use fox farm trio ( grow big, big bloom, tiger bloom )
  3. Ok I see you have 3 times of nuts which are you using for the flowering stage or you use all 3?
  4. They have a feeding chart is mostly the big bloom and tiger bloom but also the grow big there's the veg nute its worth every penny
  5. When you buy them you get the chart or it's online
  6. yo bro, i use the FF trio also and this is the schedule i live by it will do you wonders man.
    and answering your question, nope. it comes with instructions but not the schedule.
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  8. looks awesome, I am also wondering what nuts to use during the flower stage
  9. Here is a update to my grow

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  10. nutes....not thing you want to give your plants is nuts!!!
  11. but your plants are looking real nice!!!!
  12. Heres another update.

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  13. Please help let me know if this is turning ito a male :(

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  14. Sorry bro but thats a male forsure!!
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    Thanks its in the garbage anything good it can be used for?
  16. The only thing a male is good for is producing seeds and breeding.. Now if its a bomb ass strain and u have an area to grow it out that won't a allow pollen to escape into the flowering room I'd let it go.. Otherwise get rid of it right away..
  17. Update on my babies

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  18. How are they looking so far. I'm loving it :)

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  19. My leaf are falling off and turning yellow is that normal for when it's flowering.

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