How are my little girls?

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  1. So I believe my plants are either 3 weeks or 4weeks old. Imma say closest to 3 weeks. But I think they are looking awesome besides the 1 that does not have ocean forest soil. But they all were sprouted the same time. I think they have 3 nodes right now. I want to learn and experiment with cloning. So next week should I start a clipping on the 3? I dont have the white light on I have the led light but even without the white light it looks amazing in my opinion and they are short and bushy. It looks like it will be hard to a clipping for Clone because the nodes are very close to each other. Any thoughts and sughestions
  2. Sorry here the photo

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  3. Is there still dried paint or something in the bucket on the top right?
    Your plants are overwatered.
    The small one's soil looks like topsoil with no aeration, that's why it's not growing. is a good place to read.
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  4. To answer the cloning question.. They have no cutable side branches and arent healthy. Those plants are barely bigger than a good clone on their own. Sorry bud. Get reading..
  5. Yes the top right 1 is like roof hardening paint to seal cracks on a flat roof lmao. I tried washing it all off but could not get any of it off. But I still used it because of it's still a bucket that's big enough for a plant.
    Yes the 1 in the left corner is just top soil I ran out of the ocean forest. I wasnt paying another 20 bucks.
    How do you know it's over watered. This only my second grow ever. I'm still learning and I'm tryna learn about the cloning because I think the 3 are ready for cloning and I know these are all females because I baught them offline
  6. your plants might be coming along a tad slow, but they look fine albeit a little over-watered. The soil in the bottom left bucket looks like it needs amending with perlite, pumice, or something similar. It definitely shows the difference between growing in regular soil and super soil!

    Generally speaking,. it's better to take photos of your plants under regular light because it's difficult to make out details like nuances of leaf color which might indicate issues that need addressing. Besides, the plants look better under natural light. Might as well show em to best advantage. ;)

    I don't know how well plastic buckets work for growing, since I only use airpots. You can grow in anything, of course, but I find the airpots useful because they drain well and especially because root development is greatly increased by air pruning: when roots grow out into the air, they die back, forming a new nexus which creates several new roots. This makes for big, healthy roots, which makes for big, healthy plants. :)

    I think the manifolding clipping schedule used by Nugbuckets and Nebula Haze suggests doing the first topping on the fourth node and cleaning out all the growth below the third node, leaving a "Y" shaped plant with two fan leaves and two growth tips.

    If you're interested in taking clones, just leave a few side branches to grow out to the length you want your cuttings to be and clip those.
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