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How many books did you read last year?

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  5. Way more than 15!

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  6. What's a book?

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  1. many books did you read last year?

    My brother sent my Mom a letter and in it he casually mentioned that he only read 85 books last year. 85! This is a man who works 10-12 hours every day, has a wife and a very busy life and also does a lot of writing. Yet, he still read 85 books last year. (He's not one to exaggerate either.) He apparently doesn't let the whole time issue that attacks me daily get to him. Here's where the anal part comes into play...he counted how many books he read. Granted, he's a little strange anyway but he kept track of how many books he read. Weirdo! :p

    He's quite a bit older than me so I remember him wigging out if I'd listen to his albums when I was a kid because I didn't keep them in his chronological/alphabetical/jacked up/anal-all-to-hell/organized way. He has a million old albums and even more books and his books are organized in his library a certain way, a book store, almost.

    Do you guys have weird family members? He's not the only one. I have all kinds of strangeness in my family!

  2. honestly... aside from books that i have to read for school as mandatory assignments.. i would probably read about 11-15 decent sized books a year.... one cause of the low amount would be due to the net, most of the time now when i want to read up on something... its only a short click away....

    so how would you add that in to the equasion... cause im sure in this day and age, many more people are reading a considerable amount more on line rather then going to your loacal library or book store to get them.... for the main reason of it being simpler and well, us humans being lazy....

    personally, i like to leave the classics to paper.... anything else i'll check out on the comp....

    an p.s. - i don't count either.... that was just a quick guestimation...:D

    and for the whole family member thing....every family is weird.... an they all have their weirder members....

    my father likes to sing little songs while he goes shopping at the super market...... how would ya like to deal with that as a young kid, lol
  3. like l counted how many books l read ,lol.Not many ,maybe 5 or 6.l just don,t seem to get the time much and l get to do a lot of reading here :D
  4. i'd like to say 85 but it was probly more like 15, in any case I wanna know what the hardcore grasscity blades read, i just jump around between any books that seem interesting
  5. pleasure reading...probably around 10, but years ago before i got all wrapped up typing it was quite alot.

    now anal is my sister...proclaiming that her husband wrecked her closest while she was gone by,.... get this....
    "putting the wrong colored hangers in there"

    "green is for the guests and white goes in ours" it bothered her for the whole 5 minutes it took her to rectify the whole situation.
    very anal, an i told her so
  6. I read 4 or 5 last year. I just finished a 900 page book. It's called Cryptonomicon and I recommend it to anyone who likes WW2 history, math, cryptography, or jungle treasure hunts. Back in high school I was reading 2 or 3 a week in addition to work, sports, and having a life.
  7. I know I've read more than 15 last year. Probably more around 30 or so. No, I'm not exaggerating either. Would have been more if I could get my hands on more.

  8. sounds like my mom.... shes an aspiring writer, and poet. She reads constantly, because she doesnt work anymore. I couldnt tell you how many books she reads in a year.. but its a lot. Shes all into this ayan ran, or however you spell her name. Its like.. philosophy or something, shes always calling me telling me stuff from it... scary
  9. book? :p

    erm i dunno a couple, chariots of the gods, who killed kurt cobain, the hobbit(again this book rules) where is everybody?(yes im a space and alein nut) theres a few moer but i cant remember them all
  10. yea I was thinking about that, but I was thinking about how much time we spend on here too. Take for example me, I have 1742 posts. And the ABSOULTE LEAST amount of time I could have spent here is 1742 minutes (because of that posting timer thing), which is 29.03 hours, which over a whole day. And since I spend well over 80% of my time here just reading and such, I've probably spend more then 10 times that here, which is 17420 minutes, or 290 hours, god damn...

    (don't ask me why I did all that math and such to figure that out, I'm baked, anything is fun) :D
  11. ^good point^

    some nights im here from 10pm-2am and make like 2 posts but still read
  12. Does this include porn books and magazines??

    If so I'd have to say about 35-45.......

    Could be more if it also includes equipment books and mags..
  13. I read the Lord of the Rings trilogy and a few other books. Those take up a lot of time, especially when they don't satisfy you reading them for the 20th time, so i read em slowly to get all the details down. I read a few other books too.
  14. uhh... REAL books..... less than 5 anyways.

    but of all the reading i do... theres at least 50 books worth of reading there.
  15. i always thought robin cook was predictable. After you read two or three you can open any of the other books and know how the plot is going to turn. They were good books until I wasn't suprised anymore, though.

  16. yea exactly, i mean ive been on here since last may (lol no not constantly) and ive only made like 55 posts or watever, but im on here alot just reading wat u guys say.
    lol damn i should post more...
  17. It's So boring (in my oppinion) i can't read very well so i'd only be reading the words if i did read Which means i won't Understand any of the actual book, Books arnt for me :-(
  18. Everyone on grasscity should read The Davinci Code, great book.
  19. Shit I don't read enough books. I usually have too much school work or I'm stoned(I can't read well when I'm stoned, unless it's something I'm very interested in). I choose to research stuff online instead of reading books. Last year I read 2 novels, and I think that's it(besides a boat load of short stories). Actually I read them both over the course of 2 days(those were 2 very long days!). They were required for my Literature and Psychology course. Let me say the book "Perfume: The Story of a Murderer" is the freakin' weirdest book ever. 10,000 person orgy, anyone?

  20. LOL! Anal ass gave my mom that book at Christmas. I'll have to check it out.

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