How am I going to do this?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by painkillerz751, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. I currently live with my parents and have only smoked a few times. I found myself in possession of some seeds and I want to grow some for myself and a friend. Where I live outside could be an option, however there are a lot of deer and other things that might end up eating my plant. As I said before I live with my parents so im not sure on how i could grow inside without anyone knowing about it. Does anyone have some ideas on how I could grow without anyone knowing? :confused:
  2. - Don't grow when you live with your parents.
    - You have only smoked a few times. No need to grow
  3. 1. Growing in your parents home without consent is downright disrespectful ... big no no.

    2. I agree with khaleefa. Wait to grow bro, don't rush it.
  4. I'll disagree and provide encouragement - only if its an outdoor grow. There's an outdoor section - it's not too late to get started, but you need to get on it ASAP. You'll find plenty of information there for warding off critters and such that will eat your plants. Your biggest issue is going to be starting the plants because I can't condone you starting them indoors. However, if they were to give you permission to START plants inside - I'd say go grab a box of "daylight" CFL's and grow 'em until they're a good 6-8" tall (while setting them outside in the yard for part of the day to get them used to the elements) before putting them outside.

    Don't try growing in your parents house without their consent.
  5. The plants would smell to much not to notice. I grew once when I used to live with my parents and it was nothing but a constant battle with paranoia of them finding out. Not worth it whatsoever.

  6. I think im going to grow outside considering that I live in a very rural area with about 3 houses nearby. I know i need to get to it asap though. Also If it is growing outside how bad is the smell? It will be in the forest about 400 feet from any house. There is a cop that drives through here every now and then. Would anyone smell it?:smoke:
  7. No they wouldn't smell it unless they were driving next to it or going around with a drug sniffing dog, it would be able To smell it

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