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  1. My plants are about six weeks old. I have certain limitations and have to go to some extra lengths to ensure ventilation. I am also somewhat limited in watts, having 250 total over seven plants that are together in a group in a seven foot by four and a half foot room.

    I have been using Foxfarm's Grow Big and heard from someone that I can directly transition into the Big Bloom (some verification on that would be nice). I also occasionally use a little Super Thrive. The soil's pH is good, at about 6.8 and I am using a soil mixture of Foxfarm's Ocean Forest and Happy Frog.

    The first shot is of a Sativa that is being tied down. I may have started that a little late.

    The second shot is of my shortest and stoutest looking plant, with lots of nice purple showing in the stems. It has the widest leaves by far of all my plants (they were all planted from seeds from bags I had smoked, much of which actually came from south of the border). While I am hoping this is an indica, I believe I have found male preflowers. I may remove it to a different floor to an enclosed space to develop some pollen sacs for breeding.

    Thirdly, we see one of the stouter looking plants, though it looks somewhat sparse on the vegetation to me. Some of my plants' widest leaves are on this one as well.

    Finally we have an overhead view of four of my seven and these are probably the strongest four. On the bottom left is the potential indica with the potential male preflowers and on the bottom right is the plant in the third photo. The two on top are both being tied down with LST.

    This is my first effort and I would love to see if there are any cannabis whisperers out there that can give me some feedback.


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  2. lol, you know they look great...

    They do. :smoking:
  3. I dunno - often I look at the six week old plants of someone else and mine seem to pale. I AM using CFL's.

    Thanks, though. It's good to get a second opinion and not just wonder if I am loving my children through a father's eyes only.
  4. For 6 weeks, they are a little small, but other than that, they look amazing - and you know that ;)
  5. I also have unalterable temperature issues, staying between 62 and 65 generally, though over the next two months the naturally occuring temperature rise in my region will be about ten degrees.

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