how am i doing? i am new at this.

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  1. :eek:

    i started a few good looking seeds and tried my luck with a bunch of seeds i thought were no good. i have 7 at the time being. but one of the ones i thought was no good came out over night.:eek: i put some straight into the soil pods and germed others in paper towels. i bought a wide spectrum light bulb and replaced it with my old blacklight (obviously not used for the same purposes)

    i guess what i am asking is; if i am doing anything wrong? and if anyone has some advice? idk, i guess i just want the best for my new babies. what should my light schedule be for now and for how long? should i add anything other than water to the peat pods?

    i plan to grow them the way they are until they are ready to be transplanted and moved to the green house.

    i am also starting tomato onion lettuce and spinach:)

    idk how to post pictures but i will be adding pix to my "member gallery" as they grow in search of advice

    thank you, i know i may sound dumb but i am just not expirenced at all yet.
  2. Yo, you need to get the light much closer to the plants and get some soil around those stems. They are weak and thin because they are stretching for the lights, also you need a fan on them to get them stronger.

    I think somebody needs to do some reading.

    Good luck

  3. 12 hour on and 12 hours off, then switch to 18 on and 6 off for flowering, if you leave your light on for 24 hours per day your buds will be massive.

    no, just water will do, now dont quote me on this but i hear you can piss on them to help them grow faster

    this forum is designed for grow these vegetables
  4. High John, play nice the dude is a noob.

    I had not seen the other questions though!

    Why do people just post away without reading first?
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    its not hard to do a little reading before asking daft questions,
    at the weekkend i hadnt been on GC for a few day, when i did signed in, there were near 6 pages i had to read thru, i signed out cause i couldnt be bothered going thru the same silly questions. if members slag off newbies for post silly threads and ask daft questions, then the people who really need the help might have a chance.

    Edit: gezuz has germinated seeds without even reading up on a light schedule or what to feed the plant, what does he expect?
  6. Damn right John! I'm new as hell to this... 15 days in on my 4th try. The first 2 tries were based on friends' advice. In the middle of the third, I found GC and started reading... Before starting this try, I spent about half a day just researching all the different variables and even tested the environment...

    I don't understand how people can find such a resource as GC and still ask these types of questions!

    There's nothing wrong with asking questions, but if you haven't tried to figure it out or haven't thought to plan ahead, there's nothing wrong with a sarcastic, condescending answer in my book.

    Start 24/0 on the lights...
  7. i have read start to finish of several thread of many sites all on all kinds of growing topics it just seems everyone says something different. i knew i had something wrong just by looking at them i am not new to planting just to planting pot and growing indoors is totally new to me also. i had them in a box and i carelessly theft the light way above them. i pulled all pods i know i have to hide and started a new grow box. i have it set up so i can adjust the light down and up. i have heard to keep the light 2 inches away? i also hooked them up with a fan. i tried to piss on them but it just washed all the soil away from the stem. so i just lightly piled a little back around them :D its okay john, i play jokes too. but i did add a little soil up around them and plan to do a little more when i move up to a bigger pot. i will put pics up later today or tomorrow of what i changed to see how retarded i look this time
  8. i was asking about the light schedule because i knew the lights were the problem i heard they needed to be close but i could never find any specific distances.i guess that should have been one of my first questions.
  9. Really, you tried to piss on your girls???
  10. um its 18/6 for veg, 12/12 for flower.
  11. are you sure?
  12. Yea hes right, its 18/6 for veg and 12/12 for flowering, and pissing on your plants is a terrible idea, i don't know why you would suggest that to anyone. Yes it may have nitrogen in it, but it also has a very low ph and will make your soil too acidic and kill your plants.
  13. Another reason you're plants are so stretched may be because of lack of wattage from the light, how many watts is your light?
  14. ah, i think yous are wrong, yous have the time schedule arse about face. its 12 hour on and 12 hours off for vegging. yous are taking the piss now
  15. NO man, i'm sure that you are wrong, I'm not even the only one telling you you're wrong. And quite frankly, you lost all credibality in my book cause you actually told someone to pee on their plants.
  16. i'm disappointed in losing credibility with you about pissing on plants, but if you read my post i said 'not to quote me on it', but i still now its 12/12 for vegging no matter you say, i know my stuff, so there!
  17. 24 hours on for veg, 12/12 for flower.


  18. Sorry dude. I agree with Usual_suspect. However, you can turn them around, nothing a bit of stretching that can be resolved. Bury the stem, 3 quarters into the soil, There stretching all gone, and I do that myself, no bull.

    Looking sharp, for out of the box.........:D
  19. Um its 18/6 for veg, 12/12 for flower. How hard is that for you to understand. And you can take half a teaspoon of urin and delute in a gallon of water. It will work but only a half teaspoon. and only once a month if you do that. Iv done it on outdoor grows and they looked fine.
  20. If you do do that though, make sure you don't over water the soil for the first few days after that because the plants may develop stem rot, but thats only if the soil is too moist.

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