How am i doing? 3 weeks in.

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  1. Top right hand corner Super Skunk. Other 3 White Widow. Larger rescue plant White Widow.



    Super Skunk


    White Widow.


    Nutes, Buffers, Air exchange, Ballasts, Free electricity supply!!


    Any advice? Support?

    Thanks folks.

  2. well done dude if they r 3weeks then u r in for a wicked harvest love the way how u can tell the differnt strains keep up the good work:D
  3. Not bad at all, actually look really good. What size light are you using?
  4. So far so good.

    My only concern is drainage in the square plastic containers. Do you have any drainage in them? Clear is also never a good container color to use.

    Good luck.
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    Yea im aware that the roots dont like light but they will have to cope untill i get to B+Q for black liner at the weekend. Although roots have yet to make an apperance at the sides.

    They have plenty of drainage holes and leak to the 'water mat' with in the tent, which then is evaporated and exaughsted. I seem to get watering spot on(at the moment) as there is little to no drainage for healthy looking pants.

    Im using 650W (400W HID MH and 250W HID HPS [24/0]) I have a conversion bulb (400W HPS) for the MH ballast.

    Forgot to say plants were topped a week ago. (well 8 days). The large rescue has been topped twice in her long life.


    Thanks P
  6. Good job man!! Plants look great, short, bushy, and a good healthy green. I second the clear containers being a no no. If light hits your roots it will definitly damage them. The only other thing that worries me is you ballasts. U need to make a cover for them or a cabinet or something. If just a lil bit of moisture gets to those ballasts, or if someone or something hits those ballast at the wrong time, it can produce a nasty shock and u can kiss it goodbye. Safety first, u can never be to careful when it come to electricity! Keep up the good work, and let us know how they're doin as u go
  7. looks good man.whats your medium your using..coco??
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    lol coco? This was the cheapest medium known to man. it cost me £1.50 for 30L (3 US) Its some pete free medium with extra 'local' bark. I bought it from the local garden store one night.

    The plants seem to love it all the same. Look what 3 weeks have produced with no nutes yet added.

    O its 30% cow shit if that helps!
  9. care to fill me in on that "free electricity" supply?? i wana start growing indoors but im afraid of the spike in electricity being noticed by the power company. even if they noticed im 99.99999999999% sure they cant say/do anything
  10. Free electricty? Now thats a closely garded screet. Although i accumulate more than enough to run a 1000w plus extras...

    Main cost of a grow. at that...
  11. dude, the plant in the 3rd and 1st pic is perpendicularly geometrical as fuck.

  12. ahh poop.
  13. did u start the seeds in small cups or right in those clear pots.what kinda water have you been using?tap.. spring.. distilled?
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    I have been using tap water straight from the tap and dumped on. Well I add a bit of warm water and nutes. I do this because the tap i use has a built in 3 stage filter system (Brita) and the CL ppm is exceptionaly low for tap water.

    They went in as a seed, i couldnt have been bothered with all that papper towel/ propogater (spelling) idea. Just popped in seed watered and let nature do its work. I think the results speak for themselves

    Yea the plant is perfectly symetrical, its pretty cool.

  15. looks great! subsc:smoking:ribed
  16. :poke: Sticking around:D

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