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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by WillyWonka, Feb 23, 2004.

  1. how's she look. this is my first grow and so far it's goin good.....i think. since i'm new i'm not sure everything's ok, so how does it look to you experienced folks. i'm about a week in and it's bagseed from a quarter of nuggs. lemme know if i'm doing anything wrong.

    oh and is it good/bad/normal that the stalk curves (hard to see in pic)?

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  2. what's your setup? kind of lights? kind of soil? well your plant looks like a bit of stretching for light... post more pics.... and keep us updated on your grow..

    you're doing good so far... at least you got to the seedling stage :D

    g'luck to you
  3. sup...

    plants is strech out... flourencent light should only be inches away from the set of the leaves... when u transplant the plant.. berry the stem untill the 2 first cottons are in the soil...

    type of light u should is flourecent or HPS, or MH.... other light wont do shit for the plant, but turn it into a mutan grow...latezz..
  4. the light is a screw in bulb my mom had laying around that's made for growing plants. I had several good seeds and a lot of time on my hands so i figured i'd give the light a go and see if it works before i went and bought lights. the soil is Jeffrey's Topsoil (once again, found it laying around) That pic is from today so i'll take another in a day or two.

    Thanks for the help.
  5. i dont think that light will work for your plant
  6. it's worked so far....but if i have to get a new one then so be it.

    Edit: it's a flouro by the way, i just don't know what wattage.
  7. You probably have a screw in fluro bulb, don't worry. It will work for now but one your plant gets bigger it will need more light or its growth will slow down alot. Just make sure no side of your plant seems to be shaded at anytime.
  8. aah... ok... i didn't know it was a fluoro... well... it will work for now.. like he said... but you'll need more than that.. read up on fluoro growing if that's what you're aiming for
  9. well, i had a bit of a scare when i checked on her last night, she was drooping over really bad. i fixed things tho w/ some little sticks i had left from my incense. just propped her up and moved her to the right of the light a little so she'd get that curve out. here's a pic. oh and is it even possible to sex it this early 'cause i think i see the beginnings of pistils.

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  10. Your plant is lanky because it is Sativa dominant, there are two different original strains of cannabis that all cannabis plants have generated from, Sativa, and Indica. Indica grow short and bushy, with a stoney high that puts you on your ass. Sativa is a lanky plant, that likes to climb up things, and generly has a buzzing sort of high. My plant is Indica dominant, and is 3 weeks old and is only 2 inches tall, but has 10, fat, 3", leaves already, with more small visible ones growing.
  11. Also, if your light is flourescent, then put it about 1 inch away from the plant. But if it is giving off heat then don't, you'll fry your plant.
  12. your plant isn't getting enough light. It needs more light.....

  13. sorry, but there are 3, theres a really rare original type called ruderalis. ;)
  14. 1/ it needs a bigger pot with fresh good soil in it, and bury the long stem, till the leaves are just above the soil.....

    2/ it also needs more light, make a box for it, and get a better light, or a lot of fluros to have any chance of success.......Peace out......Sid
  15. i was wondering how shes doin.also you should get a nice mh or hps light that she will love you for and grow like cazy.but yea keep us updated and make a journal.

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