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How About a munchie thread?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Anthonyajm216, May 17, 2010.

  1. LEt's go, everyone post one thing they like to eat as a munchie. you can only post one food per post.

    First milestone: 50 Munchies.
    Second: 100.
    Third: 500.
    Forth: 1000.
    Five?: 5000?
  2. oh, and put the number of your munchie next to your food so we know how many we get..

    1. Rice+hot sauce+matl vinager+a1 steak sauce.

    Just made some Chicken Rice, like the little packages, and i'm geeked right now. so i decided to add some vinager, for flavor, and i also put hot suace in the pot and let it boil for a little bit, to cook the vinager and hot sauce into the rice. then i put hot sauce and steak sauce in the bowl and like mixed it around. it smells sooooooo fucking good, but it's too hot to eat. i'll take bite in a minute. shit i will now, i'm dying to see if it's bangin or not. um, it has a unique taste to it, like the steak sauce is over power of everything else and it has a aftertaste of hotsuace. overall. 8 outta 10. good for just throwing random shit in a pot and hoping it's good. lol.
  3. buck cheesburgers! from macs or burgerking.
  4. Naaaaaaachos.

    Making me hungry man haha

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