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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by BudFanatic, Feb 9, 2004.

  1. Ok, I'm working on my second grow...thing is, I no longer have my tube floros and only have one compact floro...I've already started germinating 10 seeds, and I'm pretty sure that I won't have enough light to veg 10 plants from just 1 compact. Here's my question: Is it practical or possible to veg and flower with my 250 HPS, and if so, what will be the key difference? I'm afraid they will be tall and lanky from it, but I haven't tried it to see.
  2. a 250 will do the job very well.
    the only light in my mom/clone/seedling/veg room is a 250hps.
  3. did they stretch a lot under the hps?

    when I flowered 1st time through my plant had maybe half a foot of stretch, probably because I tied it down right before going into flowering...lol..
    But hey, I can't complain, it wasn't my best smoke ever, but it was a good accomplishment (2 little jars full) for a newbie using only 1 ph test the entire time :p
  4. my 1st set of branches is normaly less than half an inch above the soil.
    as they are grown from hps from day1 no shock, stress or strech due to change of light at any point.
    i get some strech when they go into flower but as they are moved under a 400w to flower its never a lot.
    the only thing to watch out for is the heat from the hps in the 1st few days. it can dry the soil out fast or even the seedling if you get it very wrong.
  5. worth its weight in gold.
  6. i'd say you'd be pushing to grow 10 plants with a 250, even if say 5 turned out female i still think you'd be better with a 400w HPS.......but it depends on the growroom dimensions.........Peace out.......Sid
  7. sounds like a good plan to me
  8. well like i was saying, it depends on the size of the room, from what i've read he's looking to veg, and flower a possible max of 10 plants, if he was to plant them all in their own pots and grow them to say 12" and they all turned out to be female and didn't lose any it is possible that all 10 would need to be flowered, unless he determined sex before flowering, and ditched the males if there are any........

    but that's all based on him having enough room to grow all 10....which we don't know if he has.

    i have an approx 3'x3' room which will do 9 plants at a push, but i wouldn't recommend it, as i had a jungle with 5, and i use a 400w HPS

    Thug you are right, the 250 will do it, but i feel that if the room is too big, or if all, or a lot turn out to be female then the 250 will struggle to penetrate the canopy, as if the room is small it will be a jungle.....lol, and the yield would be reduced to lack of lower light penetration.

    Peace out.......Sid
  9. if i wanted 5 fems i would plant 10 seeds.
    i would expect 8 fems off that and i would pick the best 5 and bin the rest along with the males.
    doesnt everybody do that?
    that along with the fact a 250 is best suited to growing scrog or sog with larger numbers of small plants i took it for granted that the plants would not of been grown very big.
    my mistake.
  10. have u noticed just how well 2 205 nft units fit into the bottom of a 3x3 closet?
    i have had 6 to a tray under a 250 in a 3x3 and got 5oz off the 12 plants.
    put into flower as soon as the roots came out of the cubes.
  11. Well, I got a soil ph meter, which is what I use. my periodic check is right before going into flowering to make sure they're happy. The plan is to grow out 10 for a month, hit 12/12, pull the males, and take extra special care with the females...most likely I won't have a lot of room for tying them down, but I can try LST.

    I have good vert. space, but the horizontal is somewhat lacking...however it would fit 10 plants in veg, definitely would have a problem if all 10 ended up females :p

  12. no. you would have a problem if all ten ended up male :p

  13. now that would be a bummer, it happened to unoit recently, i'm touching wood at the moment incase it happens to me.....lol...........Peace out......Sid
  14. Haha. If they all end up male, I would have to make a whole bunch of cannabutter out of them. If 5 are females, I'm sure it will last me some time :). I feel as if I need to perfect my germination technique....I've got 10 of the seeds inside of a humidity dome right now, patiently waiting for another to sprout...only 2 out as of now. Time to get out the paper towels and trash the jiffies.

    Edit- Nevermind, theres another one showing itself. :D

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