Houston Texas Tokers!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by pishposh, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. what's up GC?

    New blade here, living in Houston TX.

    Anyone else here from Houston?
  2. Welcome to the City!

    Can't say I'm from Texas... Midwest man here.
  3. NW houston, new 2 town.... and runnin' on empty. Seems my first fillup disappeared :confused: :(
  4. Wassup witchya bro!

    Arlington/Dallas area here man but I go to H Town all the time
  5. wassup houston resident but i just moved to cincinnati but dont worry ill be back in a yr i miss smoking dank cant find nothing over here so u guys are lucky to be staying houston rite now.
  6. whatsup maaayn.. i'm from houston
  7. what's up houston people
  8. North Houston, well Humble actually but close enough.
  9. you texas tokers got some real balls, i wont even drive through texas if im holding, i plan my trips north of texas. hats off to y'all. from what ive seen texas has the worst laws in the us on marijuana. i read of a guy getting charged with distribution because he got caught passing a joint to his buddy. thats no shit. they get you bad over there.
  10. welcome to GC from the H!
  11. ATX use to live in the H though.
    Welcome to GC.

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