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  1. Hey wasup everyone, ive lived in katy/Houston my whole life, but just started smokin a bit ago. This website is sik. Just sending out my greetings :wave:
  2. do u have any cool places to smoke in houston, mainly just safe places?:D:confused:
  3. what school did you go in katy, i graduated a year ago in cinco. i find that katy is very expensive and unfriendly towards weed:smoking:
  4. Any good places to smoke? not really, truth be told i just started smoking like 3 months ago. And ive asked friends and have had no such lick. But if u ever get a chance you HAVE to go to Marely Fest in Austin, you wont regret it. I graduated from Taylor couple years ago.
  5. cool man, i dont live in katy anymore, i go to UofH but back then we smoked in my house or some friedns house,in katy its very dangerous to smoke in any public place.
  6. Yea, back in hs you could only smokeindoors, shit i mostly smoke indoors today now too. Or on my apt balcony, I dont live in Katy ne more either. But yea Katy is real uptight about drugs, and neighbors are wwwaaayyy too nosey.
  7. whats up welcome to the city. i go to school in huntsville, not to far my old roomate came from katy :)
  8. Nice, hows huntsville? Any good places to toke outside?
  9. most def man, but i suggest not doing it. thats were i got an MIP last semester. haha.
  10. HAha that sucks. How much was ur ticket
  11. a grand to bail me out, and i got the charges dropped same wit the teen preg chick i was fucking at the time haha, the driver was convicted or proven guilty on the possession i guess only one person can have possession.
  12. Damn thats crazy, a grand is more then it cost to get my friend out for a DUI. Who bailed you out?
  13. my very angry father lol
  14. OO Fuck! Thats what im most afraid of, is my parents finding out. I actually just came back from the smoke shop, I bought like a case and a bag to hide my stuff in, I think im going to move back to my parents place over the summer.
  15. What up bro. I live in the clear lake area.
  16. hey wasup, hows the bud from Clear Lake?
  17. whats uppp i live in the 529 and hwy6 area :D i saw we all houston gc members have a giant gathering and toke up and make history well gc history lmao
  18. word...altthough we are not allowed to talk about that in a "thread". :p
  19. Welcome to the forums! It's great to have you here :)
  20. haha well yes i know that we can just pm all houston members haha go meet up somewhur and party

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