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  1. My husband has a physical job so the last thing I want is for him to come home to a messy house. I keep up with the cleaning, laundry, animal duties, and we switch off on who cooks dinner. I've been trying to find a job for a yr now and it's been rough. What things would you guys like your wife to do to show her appreciation for you supporting her? I feel like I don't do enough. Doesn't have to be anything sexual...just need ideas.

    Gracias :)
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  2. well im not married but whenever i want to show my boyfriend i appreciate him I bake him something, or i leave little notes/cartoons in his room which he keeps on his bedside table. its cute :) sometimes i just tell him how much he means to me. all simple things but they seem to get the point across
  3. maybe give him a good back rub every few days and keep him happy in the bedroom if you know what i mean. but really you seem to be doing a very good job, keeping the house clean and switching off dinner is very good on your part and try to do your best to keep him relaxed, if he likes the smell of candles or something like that, keep the house fresh of the smells.

    this may sound dumb but for a man who has a job that physicaly works him to death, try to keep things fresh in the relationship, make him come home expecting the same old same old, and then open the door for him naked and give him every sexual fantasy he has and has wanted to do. trust me this will keep him very happy, alot of the times physical jobs can be a lot of the same thing over and over again and changing things up may feel really awesome to him.

    and it doesn't have to be sexual ether another thing you could do to keep things new and exciting would be to have him come home to an ice cold beer and his favorite dinner cooked and ready for his enjoyment, dont make him get up for things at the table......once he has sat down ask him if he needs anything else and if he does, get it for him.....don't let him get up from the table and be as nice as possible when doing this.

    Let him watch what he wants when he gets home. if he likes to watch sports and the game is on let him watch it and ask if he wants any food or drink while he watches it, if he says yes then go make or get it for him. and it doesn't hurt to watch the game with him even if you dont like it or want to watch it, just watch it with him a few times.....and dot let him forget what a beautiful wife he has while hes watching i said keep it fresh......lay down next to him or lay your head on his lap wearing just a bra and panties. and watch the game together or whatever he likes to watch.

    Sorry for the long post but i hope you read it and find my advice useful in some way, and i apologize if some of it was to sexual.

    i am not marred but i do have a some what physical job and this is just my personal advise
  4. Thanks for replying, you have some very good ideas that I will be using :)
  5. shit, i work 40 hrs a week, at least and i have to battle my woman just to get her to fucking clean or do laundry. Granted, she works for a total of maybe 12-15 hrs a week. I help out, but i expect, yes that's right EXPECT, her to cook, clean and do laundry. She's usually home with our son but i take care of him just as much as she does. I wish she would just do these things without me getting into an argument over it every few weeks. Am i wrong here? I even told her, if we switched spots and you worked 40+ hrs a week i'd take care of the house. But since she doesn't, i would imagine she would do everything else as far as housework goes. She has gotten better in the last year, but still. You sound like a catch. taking care of the house, cooking for yo man, making sure everything is nice and tidy when he gets home from a long day's work. i do remember seeing one of your threads talking about waking him up with a bj....Makes me wonder where the fuck i found my gf....
  6. I dont have a wife but id say when he comes home just have a bowl packed up and just smoke and talk, might not seem like much but im sure hed appreciate it :smoke:
  7. i second back rubs! mt guy works 45hrs + a week and he does heavy lifting and lots of physical labor. i give him back rubs and he loves it. i try to do it unconditionally but sometimes he gives me a foot rub out of it :)
  8. Wow, not to diss your chick but damn. Working 12-15 hours a week isn't a lot and she could still do some housework. I know it's hard when you have a kid but there's no excuse to not keep up on chores. And women wonder why their men walk out on them :rolleyes:

  9. I hear you man... I hear you...

    Stay strong, bro.


    This is such a GREAT thread...
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    You should be given an award for being an excellent house wife... If your husband is not a complete idiot, he should give you a medal of appreciation for just THINKING about supporting him.

    Man, he's one lucky guy...


    Later added :

    And if you want to help him even more, then make an 'accounting book' of the money you spend on grocery... household stuffs... electric bills... and other bills...

    And write down in details about how you spent the money he earned.
  11. Damn... you already seem to be a great wife, but a few ideas from me:

    1. Already mentioned but massages are a must. Especially with a physical job.

    2. Make him feel special. Is there anything that you really dont like, but he loves? Trying doing with him.

    3. ASK HIM. If you sat him down and was like "look babe, I really appreciate everything you do for me and I would really like to do the same for you, what can I do?" No joke, it would make me go crazy if the woman that i'm with comes to ME needing advice about how to please ME. Just knowing she cares that much, would be enough for me.

    4. Dont feel like you have to do something crazy.

    Good Luck :p
  12. Far out...I wish my man would get up and leave the house for that long a week!
    But alas, he is a stoner.
  13. I'm sure that you already know this, but here's some words of advice.
    As you may already know, us men like sex. If we don't get it from our wives/girlfriends, we go elsewhere for it, and overtime men get bored of the same thing. Keep it fresh... and never show a lack of self confidence in the sack, we pick up on that and immediately think girl with low confidence is boring.
    I know it's cliche giving sex advice, but I haven't seen one relationship that wasn't based on sex, it's important. Keep doing what you're doing, you sound like a great wife.
  14. When he comes home from work have a nice dinner for him, get him a beer then suck his dick.
  15. when he fucks up, just let it go
  16. i wish my wife would go out of her way to find ways to make me feel appreciated more lol, sounds like your a real trophy wife :) KEEP IT UP

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