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  1. I'm housesitting for my rich-ass family friend. The house is like on the side of a hill with a hot tub in the backyard, which just happens to face the ocean. Brought my hookah and bong, gonna hit up the hot tub and watch the sunset. :smoke:
  2. Pics or this threads worthless.

  3. Was planning on it, thanks.
  4. Awesome, can't wait. ;D
  5. [​IMG]

    Here's one from earlier, when I was walking up to the house.


    This is from the patio in the back. I wish I had this house, it is like, literally ON the beach. Gotta love Pismo.
  6. that's awesome
  7. thats sick man. wish i could do that haha!

  8. Feels damn nice. It's a nice night; not too cold, and not too warm. Perfect hot tub weather ;)
  9. Have fun.. Are you on their computer..?

  10. Nawww, I'm either on my laptop or my iPhone.
  11. Man ive always wanted to house sit. Lucky you got a dope ass house!

  12. Yeahhh, for sure dude. It's so nice out. A little chilly, but totally worth it.
  13. I'm crashing on the floor with six other people at this house that some dude is supposed to be watching, but instead he's getting high and partying with us while we eat all the food and use the shower and washing machines and stuff

    i think im gonna go leave 20 bucks in the owner's room
    i just kinda feel bad
    but it beats the woods, right?
  14. Awww shit, youre so lucky

  15. Yeah, bro. I was gonna invite my girl and a few friends over just to chill and watch movies with me, but they were all busy. No biggie. More hot tub for me. :smoke:
  16. Haha thats sick.
  17. Awesome! I'll be there in about 2 hours with a bunch of people. Leave the backdoor unlocked. :D

  18. Youuuu got it dawg hahaha
  19. haha that sounds sweet

    my friend was house sitting once for this house out on centre island in ny. known to have some of the dopest houses. anyways he got a bit too carried away and invited a few people over and had a party and stuff. the owners specifically said you could have one or two people over but nothing too crazy. well it turns out that they had cameras active everywhere and so they called him in the middle of the party he was having saying "we can see you, we're coming back, gtfo" lol and he was getting paid bank for it. ah well, enjoy it up and don't abuse it

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