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  1. I dont got any kind of fruit and all my pens are plastic, what could I smoke out of?
  2. Soda pop can, aluminum foil rolled super thick are a couple that might not be legit and will probably poison you over the long term. A deep socket from pops tool box can be enabled into a one hitter / sneak a toke as long as it is sparkling ass clean. Smoking motor oil or brake fluid WILL fuck your week up.

    Can't scrape a dollar together and get some cheap papers ? Bum a smoke off of someone, remove enough tobacco for about half way to two thirds of the way down the cig, pack with ganja, remove filter before smoking. When you taste tobacco you're done and you can put it out. No one is the wiser.

    You can get a filter tube roller and some filter tubes to roll with. A filter tube is a hollow cigarette. Just a filter and a tube of paper. The roller allows the ganja to be slid in place. You can roll a few cigs with ganja inside and leave the last inch or so as tobacco. And be sure the tobacco end is the end one lights so it passes a look over inspection from security. When you want to smoke that doobie, pop off the filter and light up the end you popped the filter from? The inch or so of tobacco becomes a filter of sorts and you don't get any of it. You actually taste it just before you start to burn it. Very easy and totally incognito.

    Regardless of all of that, you should never except under the direst of circumstances use half ass bass ackwards bullshit like foil pipes and tin cans. Yeah yeah, they work and that's the problem. Because they can fume and get you sick or poison you. It's why we dog on the new guy for doing it even though we old stoners have done that and worse lol!
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  4. Being 18 you should easily be able to buy papers or a bowl for cheap.

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  5. Love the creativity behind this. There is a varying type of things you can use. Hell if you have a waterbottle you're set. Cut the bottom off, hole in the lid, foil bowl and you have a gravity bong in the sink man. Get innovative but nothing beats a good ol' apple

    "Water is the most important natural component we have today
    It makes up our world, our bodies
    It has the ability to destroy, and create
    It is the healing component, THC"
  6. When I'm in a pickle personally, or when I was back in school. I used to get a sewing thimble, or a paper-clip twisted into a bowl, and use a pen tube for a down stem or a hollow tool from my fathers shed, or my old favourite, a cheap pen vape tube, if you take out the insides with a knife and melt out all the bad stuff from the inside the tub works PERFECTLY. For a chamber I would use anything, I never personally had a diamond drill bit, and I'm too lazy to get one now. If you want a mouth piece, a bicycle pump tubing, tubing of any kind, or a pen tube, or just a bottle.

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