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  1. So I was watching the show House and the in the episode they were trying to find out why this girl was hallucinating that her mother was with her.

    And it turned out that she was just tripping on LSD (in Ergot fungus) because she was eating moldy bread.

    Hahaha thought that was funny :smoking::smoking::smoking:

    Just wondering if anyone else saw it?
  2. Doesn't house trip in one episode?
  3. saw that one, good. im watching house now, but its season 3 and its not as intense as season 2 and thats lame.
  4. yeah because he induced a serious migraine to prove that one of his "adversary's" new migraine med didnt work...well..he was rite and was left with an INTENSE he takes a minute amount of ciddy to make it go away...lolz
  5. The only problem with that episode is that Ergot contains no LSD at all, it does contain
    a compound which is used to synthesize LSD though.
  6. yes but do you expect everyone to know that?

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