House actually DID get broken into.

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  1. Wow. I don't think I've ever been this pissed. A little history I dated this girl for about 3 years, and she lived with me, and my homie in our apartment. We were trying to get a record label deal. And to get known so much it's fuckin expensive we hanged posters all over town, spent tons of money on pressing up CDs. Anybody who has been in music should know it isn't easy unless you get lucky and get found. But we rapped about murder so it was hard to find a deal. We were pretty broke, there was weeks at a time dinners were only Top Ramen. But it was okay, because money isn't everything we just needed it - still happy without it. Rent was $600 so my girlfriend lived with us we didn't make her pay anything at all and she did take a lot of money but I was to whipped to really care. Anyway we moved to a house, she still lived with us. Eventually she could swear she saw me kissing another girl(the fuck?). So she broke up with me, she just took her clothes at the time. She still left some basic shit like jewelry, her stereo, and thats about it I think. Soon after she started dating a guy, it's ironic I ran into them at a store. She introduced me as the "bastard that cheats on women." Her mans name was Paul.

    So around 3:30ish I finally am tired enough to fall asleep. But before that I heard all this noise outback, but the wind was blowing all day. It wasn't noises like creepy ass rumbling in the bushes, like my gate moving, and I heard what sounded like a trash can falling over. Anyway so I'm asleep and I hear this fucking crash. Now I'm sure wind doesn't blow inside. On the way to the living room I heard my homie calling my name all panic like. So I go out there and my friend is basically on top of this guy holding him down with all his might, so I'm trippin. Shits everywhere the motherfucker went through our glass table. And just shit was everywhere. Our bong got broken, glass table did, and back door was broken. All glass. Anyway so I'm trippin like I said I go call the cops and tell them some guy broke into my house and my friend is holding him down. They're on their way I open the front door and help restrain the guy we're both holding him down, my friend is throwing punches at him, and would you guess who it was. Paul my ex's new boyfriend. I can't believe this so I start punching him. So to sum it up about 5 minutes later the cops come, they arrest him and search him. There was some jewelry(my ex girlfriends) and a grinder with weed in it(OUR grinder I might add). Well he's basically fucked. We got the jewelry back that wasn't even ours. And he was arrested. Been on the phone with insurance companies all fuckin day.

    So I sent a my ex a text it said "Really? You could of just came and asked." Then she called and left a voicemail bitching me out saying that I just messed up her life by getting her boyfriend arrested. And I'm thinking what the fuck? He broke into MY house. He costs us thousands of dollars. She's telling me I'm a snitch for calling the cops. My options were call the cops and get him fucked, or kill him - which I wouldn't. Now I would want to kill his ass, but I wouldn't do it. The cops got there at about 5ish. Been dealing with this shit all day. Just got off the phone, and they boarded up the back door. He's lucky our pitbull was in his cage.

    Oh well when I saw the "my house almost got broken into" thread I figured I'd make this since mine actually did.
  2. way to go man. i like how when you said "it was paul, so i started throwing punches." i would've been RIP SHIT that he broke my bong, and stole my grinder, but of course i'd say that the grinder wasn't mine :p. good luck on getting a deal though.
  3. Hah thanks man. But yeah we said the grinder wasn't ours. Lost about $15 of weed, and a $30 grinder. But it's better than claiming it and get possession charge(since I'm already getting DTed).
  4. any idea on how long he's gonna be in for? and after that little incident, i'd sell her jewelry :)
  5. Nah I have no clue. But I imagine he's charged with posession, breaking and entering and that might be it. Dunno but I'm guessing it won't be fun. Yeah I'm gonna pawn her jewelry now so when she comes to get it (or sends her next bf) it won't be there.;)
  6. Your girlfriend is a Bitch! :mad:
  7. You handled it well. Sell that Jewlrey. Good job and luck in the future to get everything replaced.
  8. that's true, one of you should have hit the other in the face so he could have also got a charge for assault! and spend that money on something other than ramen, like bud, and ramen ;)
  9. yeah dude bring that jewlery to a pawn shop and buy a new bong
  10. better than my idea!
  11. That's a good idea actually. Can probably get a better one than we had. We only had a mini 1ft glass one.


    Sure is. Now that I think back she always was. But I was to whipped to notice.

    Hahaha :D
  12. Fucking epic, i bet that felt good whoppin his ass:devious:
  13. Sure did. :D

    Thing is my girlfriend has been resending me texts saying "Call 911 on me snitch." And I'm just laughin. Did she actually think her boyfriend could break a glass door, sneak into my locked room, open up my creaky closet without anybody hearing it? Shit if we didn't our dog would bark like crazy.

    Dumb bitch. She wanted her shit back decided to get it the hard way, and in the end got fucked.
  14. she obviously doesn't know anything about how society works. you can't just have your boyfriend break into a house and take your shit back, and their weed. that's just fucked.
  15. Exactly. It's kind of ironic my alarm broke the other day, and it needed to be replaced with this certain type of battery. Couldn't find it at the two stores I went to yesterday. I'm glad now though, had the alarm been on he would of ran and probably gotten away.
  16. hahah, once you learn she has a new boyfriend, disarm the alarm, and sleep on your couch downstairs so your ready beat some ASS!
  17. :D

    I can almost bet she'll find a new man. She is hot as shit, not really a slut, but hot so she can attract most guys. So if she has a new BF soon I wouldn't doubt it. Next time her man breaks into my house I'm gonna lock him in my basement.
  18. What sweet revenge! Hilarious story besides the fact a lot of your shit got broken. I hope all the insurance stuff works out for you, and I know the type of girl you're describing.

    It's always the ones with the pretty faces.

    I agree with everyone else, fucking pawn that bitches jewelry and buy yourself a new bong and some bud. :smoking:
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    Yeah I'm sure it will. My aunt told me back in the 90s her house got broken into and insurance didn't pay more than half for the shit lost. But that was because the guy got away with items. Not sure. I'm hoping they will pay.

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