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HotKnife Hash In Bong?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BurnAFewDown, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. So I got hash for the first time and just learned what hotknifing was, it seems to waste alota smoke. Could I put a small piece in my bong bowl and hot knife it against the bowl and have it work without wasting too much smoke?
  2. Cut a bottle in two, use the top half to collect all the smoke. I do it all of the time, just do not put them close the plastic, keep like an inch away. It actually will collect an oily resin over time, and then you can't see through it - so you need to replace it every once and a while.
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    How much should I use for something like that?
  4. Why not just top a nice fat bowl with it?
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    I have no weed, I could only find hash
  6. You can smoke hash out of a bowl... I have done it. A lot of people pussy out thinking hash is gonna get them to pass out or something. But i have smoked a bowl of hash before and i just got really high. A little too high but really fucking high. It was nice. So just pack a bowl.

    If you don't have enough make an aluminum foil screen. Or put a pebble in your piece. Its not smart to try to knife a bong in my opinion. Would be complicated. YOu shouldn't even bong hash bro. Just hot knife it through a bottle. Its best if you can get a heineken or sobe bottle. And break the bottom. Clear glass is best. IF you can't do that then use plastic but be careful. Knife hits of hash will fu ck you up and if you are too fu cked up you won't be able to hold the knives steady.
  7. Smoking hash in a pipe will make a unnecessary mess. That's why I never will.

    You're going to want very small pieces of hash, half the size of a piece of gravel. You'll just pick it up with 1 knife, press it together under the bottle cut in half, and inhale all the smoke. Usually if you use a larger bottle, the smoke will be alot less hot. But it'll be hard to hold in your mouth if you're the one doing the knives.
  8. I tried it the first time the other day by cutting the bottom off a bottle and cutting out a small rectangle in the side so you can easily fit the knife in.
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    Oh nice idea, then you dont lose as much smoke
  10. If you have a friend grab a paper towel or a toilet paper roll. They knive it at the bottom opening and you suck in that hashy goodness. As a variation stick a couple of toothpicks through it near the bottom of the roll and drop an ice cube or 2 on them. It will give you a nice cool toke.

    Thats what we used to do when I was a kid.
  11. i use a pen tube. easier to concentrate the smoke. however, i smoke hash from a bong or pipe. i only hotknife oil or budder personally.
  12. Honestly depends on the type of hash..
    some just aint worth putting in a bowl.
  13. yes smoke it in a nice glass piece , get a screen and just throw it in . I like it cause it cakes my bowl in hash Rez . That shit gets you high as fuck .
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    Haha I've noticed all the has resin thats already building up and I've only smoke 3 small bowls of it
  15. Double stack a couple screens in there if you don't have some green to carpet down.
  16. I've smoked hash on an apple before.. its good, and i've smoked hash/weed in a pipe so many times ( no screen) in a bong, everywhere.. Who cares.. It's just hash, smoke it..
  17. hot knife bell, you can buy one that goes directly into a bong, it's glass and amazing but expensive or you can make your own. take a plastic water bottle, cut it in half so you have the top half with the spout and an open bottom. then take cellophane and crumple it into the water bottle so that you create more "space" then put a screen over the bottom hole and viola, you have a hash bell for knifers

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