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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by KingsBlend, May 11, 2006.

  1. Whats the craziest stuff you guys have hotboxed? Ive hotboxed a laundry room, and I take a blanket over my head and make a tent and hotbox it :p gets you i am:smoking: :hello:
  2. i am not a big fan of hotboxing. its fun, but i guess not just my style

    my truck is the only thing i have hotboxed, but a tent sounds like it could be fun :smoke:
  3. I hotboxed the whole world. Global warming is my fault.
  4. ive hotboxed an elevator twice with like two other homies. luckily it was late and nobody was really around the building. one time i hotboxed my backyard. literally, my whole backyard was full of smoke.
  5. yeah my and a friend hot boxed my bathroom last night it was bad ass
  6. hot boxed cars, hot boxed my bathroom, hotboxed a living room, hotboxet under a blanket (intense). I love hotboxing
  7. Hot boxed a couple cars and a small tool shed nothing special.
  8. one time me and like 7 of my friends squeezed into the storage closet on my balcony and lit up a couple of blunts it was really a tight fit and our eyes started to burn and everyone was sweating, once the blunts were half way done no one could really breathe anymore so we decided to get out of there and as soon as we opened the door we all fell over and out but it felt so good on your skin plus the high really kicked in. it was pretty cool but I wouldnt do it again...
  9. ive always wanted t hotbox a sauna lol theres one at my gym and me and a buddy may hotbox it one day....when all the old people arent there or when the pool is closed one day we'll just go pretend to get changed to go to the gym but hotbox the sauna for a bit ::)
  10. me and like 5 other friends boxed out 1 of those little girls' plastic houses. it was awesome cuz we had like a bong a couple of js and a bowl going around. We left for like 3 hours to come back to it still boxed out and wreaking of weed.
  11. We hotboxed my friends car (more than we usually do). It got to the point where we could even see anymore, it felt like we were on some mystical adventure.
  12. Me and a couple kids i grew up with hotboxed a sauna in his building haha..that was HOT!
  13. This is my funniest one, my friend took a hit and put a bag over his head and breathed out, haha, and just kept breathing it back in, it was the funniest thing to watch. I didn't wanna try it though, lol. I thought I was to high and would kill myself.
  14. i hotboxed in my homies boat. its the bedroom, hella short room and maybe 7 feet toal room. Just 3 of us in there, it was savage.
  15. I'm not a big fan of hotboxing. I get too clausteraphobic.

    But, we hotboxed my friends car on occasion. One day it was about 5:30 in the afternoon and we were on our way to a concert and hotboxed the fuck out of this car. We saw this guy doing yardwork, so on the count of three, all of us opened the doors and dumped the fucking smoke right in front of this guys house so he could get a big whif. It was pretty funny.

    But I've done blankets and shit, and it always seems like we hotbox my friend's condo when we smoke, not out of purpose, but just because it's too small to begin with.
  16. i hotbox my bathroom everyday after school, its 4' by 6':devious:

    ummm ive smoked 8 grams in my moms car, not 5 min after we got out she got in the car and went looking for me, we had been in the car for 2 hrs and it was so smoky u couldnt look in one window and out the other. she knows what it smells like but she couldnt smell it for some reason because she didnt mention it.
    we think it was because there was so much smoke she was kind of getting a hit every time she breathed (have u noticed u cant smell weed smoke after u take a hit...?);)
  17. friends and all, hotboxed a McDonalds play pen thing with the balls. :p
  18. lol sweet, and if you guys want to smoke in a sauna type place just go in your bathroom and turn on the hot shower, soon it will be steamy and warm. You can also dump abunch of ice and cold water into the tub first, so it makes more steam, my friends called it a "Hawaiian Hotbox".
  19. I love hotboxing, I've hotboxed several bathrooms, my favorite being about 3' by 3'. Me and two buddies hotboxed a empty hotub with the cover on, hotboxed a storage shed used for the public baseball fields, tents, trailers, public washrooms, houses, cars and a hollowed out tree that could feet two people in it.
  20. ive hotboxed a sauna before. doesnt work too well becuase the steam is wet. and you are essentially hitting a blunt in a room that is being filled with hot evaporated water. but its crazy. the fucking sauna got mad steamed up and smoked uup and it felt like another world. the feeling of that steam (mixed with thc) on your skin is insane when you are mad blazed.

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