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Discussion in 'General' started by guarrana, May 15, 2006.

  1. :smoking:
    Hello! I don't feel like hotboxing my car anymore, the smell is being noticed by all my passengers. But, I still want to hotbox. Any other mothods of hotboxing? Possible places at home I could hotbox? Other methods of ''hotboxing''?
  2. Um, hotbox it then febreeze/lysol it.
  3. Just get some febreeze and spray your entire interior. Then from then on spray blunt spray after you smoke and occasionally spray febreeze like maybe once a week or after a long smoke session.
  4. Hotbox your buddies cars :D

    Or convert like a walk-in closet to a hotboxable little smoke room
  5. just leave the window open. all it takes is a night and the smell is gone.

    closets work too, or bathrooms, or under your blankets, basically anything you can keep closed you can box
  6. You can hotbox any inclosed space, well thats reasonably small enough. I had some great times hotboxing a tent on a camping trip I took with friends. We set up a specific hotbox tent
  7. i dont know if you have those car washes around you but some have a fragrance spray thing for a dollar. You spray that shit in your car and it smells like fruit loops and no more weed.
  8. if ur down with somking inside, bathrooms are a great place to hotbox, and you just flip the fan on after and its all good
  9. na dude the smell doesnt go away after 1 night
  10. Get a box.
    Cut a hole in the box.
    Stick your head in the box and smoke.


  11. when i found this shit it was the greatest thing to happen to me in years :hello:

  12. Lol I wanna try this now
  13. I enjoy hotboxing soo much, that I went out and bout something to make a "box" outta...its called a that, made a top outta a few sheets and duct tape...then again, im quite small, so idk how one of those would work for you...

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