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hotbox your beanie [?] [works for me]

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ThatSmokeWagon, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. hey guys. so, u fuigure hot boxing a car, needs alot of smoke, i have had a rasta styled beanie on my head everyday. and one day i pulled it down where its still on my head but over my mouth n chin kinda. (its stretched) and blow the smoke in. caugh for a sec or 2, inhale exhale a few times, and i take off the beanie and i feel hotboxed.

    any opinions
  2. Do you mean high?
  3. by hotboxed, i mean sorta the feeling u get after hotboxin the hommies car n right when u roll al lthe windows down.
  4. He means a little brain dead from lack of oxygen and inhaling smoke.

    Just jokes though!
  5. Don't see the point in breathing in exhaled smoke? You diffuse nearly all of the thc once the smoke has passed through your lungs the first time.
  6. i was asking if using a beanie. (as the realmc said) to kill my brain cells and suffocate myself is exactly the same as suffocating my self ina bigger room.
  7. my hotbox = another bong snap
  8. [quote name='"ThatSmokeWagon"']i was asking if using a beanie. (as the realmc said) to kill my brain cells and suffocate myself is exactly the same as suffocating my self ina bigger room.[/quote]

    Why you would ask this question, or want to know the answer, I cannot even comprehend.

  9. Oh yeah yeah sorry.

    It's pretty much the same.
  10. I pulled my fitted over my head once when I took a hit and my girlfriends little sister came in the room... exhaled into it, if that counts.

    But what the fuck is the question again?

    Oh, sounds like yeah its worked pretty good.
  11. Only 10% of the THC is exhaled and it decipates/ evaporates in the air within 7 seconds after exhaling anyway lol so ill pass
  12. Hot boxing doesn't increase your high, but you'd get the same experience as hotboxing, only thing is your hair will always smell like weed, and if you always have that beanie then that'll smell too
  13. bobthebeast. thats what im goin for. =]
  14. OP your actions and train of thought are inexplicable in a bad way.
  15. wait rasta beanie.. dont happen to have long hair do ya?
  16. Damn grade school kids
  17. why dont you hotbox the inside of your bong, hotboxing does nothing but make you say ooo ahhh when you open the car doors
  18. The only good hotboxing I know is smoking with something that gives off a lot of excess smoke (like a joint or blunt) in a car or something. Your idea is just plain silly.

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