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Hot to smoke weed but no become a pot head

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by weedisnoweed, May 3, 2011.

  1. I'm just wonderring how you balance your weed and your life, or if you don't. Like do you have rules you follow when you smoke or something, because now whenever i have it in my house I'm just way too impulsive to resist like last weekend i smoked 4 times once on friday twice on saturday and once on sunday. I need to find a way to control myself, also that is a ton for me cause i have smoked 6 times in total hahaha
  2. You need to have self control.... just like any other controlled substance.

    If you're weak minded, then I suggest you dont smoke.
  3. whats your title say ? lol
  4. Self control.. Just don't revolve your life around weed, but let it revolve around you.
  5. dont buy dimes or ounces kid... buy by the pound, break it down, and put it in a stogie... then smoke it all... thats hot to smoke weed but no become a pot head
  6. hahaha, and i'm not weak minded i promise you that, i have wrestled for 4 years and i go in to early practices three days a week. i'm not a weak minded person, i have adhd so im impulsive as shit though. see i don't think about consequences or anything else i just kinda think hmm i could go blaze, fuck it i have the shit i have my piece why not. cause i like smoke and it's fun to be high, but i don't want to become like lazy and have it effect grades or like me as a person. my real question is how can i make sure smoking is only an activity i like doing not an activity that i revolve around and i do all the time
  7. Nobody can teach you self control. Just get your priorities straight, and figure out what you want out of life. Exercise, keep yourself busy, and you won't rely on the herb.
  8. okay ill be serious now... keep it all out of sight... your stash, piece, lighter, paper... all of it... out of sight... hide it so you cant see it or smell it... this helps me... also keep yourself busy... make an agenda of things you need to get done that day and maybe smoke when you finish all those things
  9. im not asking to teach me self control more just i was jsut wonderring if you had any guidelines that you guys follow to try to keep your herb habits in check. example: i never smoke on week days, or i always make sure i get all my shit done then i do it things like that
  10. i'm looking for responses like what djace said, thanks man

  11. this.

    also, I see smoking as a reward.
    when I did all the things in my to do list.
    then I deserve it.

    that way you get a more relaxing time anyway :)
  12. Self control is the only answer you can really expect to receive here. It's like having a block of chocolate in the house or a bottle of your favourite alcohol. You gotta work out what's right for you and stick to that.

    For some of us that means daily. :smoke:
  13. I see where you're coming from. If I have weed, I usually stay high for the most part till its gone, excluding school. I find myself sometimes blowing off shit to smoke, never to big though. I feel as I still have my life on track, but my 'pot-head' characteristics are dragging me down a bit. I need to start making more of a change myself.
  14. It is all about self control. For example, people who occasionally drink alcohol, it doesn't mean that they are alcoholics.
  15. As long as you're taking care of your responsibilities your usage shouldn't be a problem. Don't get high all day every day unless you know your a pro. Only do it if you don't have anything else to so or youve already accomplished your tasks needing to get done. Btw, smoking pot is hot and some stoners are really hot.
  16. Take a break every now and then...
    Have been on a break since last October....
    Will probably grab a 1/8th in the next 3 or 4 months....
  17. find some other hobbies
  18. in all honesty since you haven't smoked that much there's no point in telling you this. i believe everyone needs to go through a period where they are out of control just burning for no purpose to get to the point where they can say "alright, i don't need it today. tomorrow when i have more time to really enjoy it will be a better time."

    i went through it, and it was a great learning experience. smoke more, come back in 6 months and think about self control. maybe even a year.
  19. I totally occupy myself by first responding to "whatever" needs my immediate attention, weather it be personal business or Pleasure.
    I try to stay true to myself & satisfy the needs that truly make me happy & content without,.........then enhance it with,......when the time is right.:smoke:

    I basically like to be ready/capable & responsible if something Important ,or someone ,needs or depends(or may depend) on my immediate attention...Or help.
    I find that The burden of responsibility & seeking true pleasure can be very overwhelming at times.......but also very rewarding:hello:

    If you've ever felt high without smoking pot ( & I feel most of us have)........You'll know exactly what I mean.
    & I'm SURE I'm not the only one.:wave:

    "I am sooooo fucked.......YES?"
  20. Don't keep too much weed around.

    Buy a dime every other day and smoke a joint a day.

    Anything more than two joints a day could be a bad sign for anyone with control issues.

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