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  1. i have a question, what exactly is it that causes hot spots? and what exactly are hot spots, lol, im thinking about buying either a 400w hps/mh combo set or a 600 watt mh/hps combo set, with either of them create hotspots?

    any comments would be greatly appreciated thanks!:smoke:
  2. I too am interested I think it has allot to do with your actual set up and how insulated its is, but I think it would still easily be seen with aerial infrared heli's but it could pass off as a heater or something? I think there only looking for very big grows, warehouse etc?
  3. lmao, well dam, go thing i got nothing like that going on!
  4. yes 400-600W is detectable by flir, what the other guy said is pretty much it, it works by reading the temps and I have been told that it can detect as low as a 1F difference in temp.

    now that has been said can you mask heat sig? yes. In most states in America it is unlawful to randomly fly over and check for sigs then get a warrant. If you are under suspicion already the can use it as part of the evidence to obtain a warrant though. To what degree do they use this technology? Who knows, but a single 1000W bulb in a room inside a room with proper exhaust could go undetected. Think about it like this if you are moving 85F air out of a house that stays at 78F constantly, it can be detected but if you move that same air out of the enclosure into a insulated room and that air is cooled there to normal house temps then moved out of the house you have a better chance of escaping detection. Now would your local police fuel a helecopter and run flights for hours to bust your 600W 4 plant grow? Most likely not, simply not cost effective. But again if they have other reason to believe you are growing ie an informant or you are being watched for distribution and the like, yeah they very easily could do that and have. But like the other poster said they tend to reserve this action for large illegal commertial grows. This happened in detroit in 2009 and flir was used to obtain a warrant, but they had a huge grow and were tipped off by a snitch first. (when I say huge grow I mean their entire house was filled, and lit up like a x-mas tree when they showed the video of the flir.)

    now all of this only applies to america it is way different in england and I do not know anything about british law, but see attached video for how it works.
    [ame=]Cops use helicopter and heat to detect marijuana grow operations in UK. - YouTube[/ame]
  5. Alright well my demensions of ny box is 56h 32w 15 deep. How detectable is that. I also have more space in that same room were i would put the 400 or 600w
  6. I don't actually own a flir camera or a helicopter so I have run no test on how detectable something is. but rest assured if you get busted for a 600W fixture I am fucked as I have damn near double that. something else to consider is if you don't sell no one will tell. At that point even with flir they would only be able to tell that you have heat isolated to a single room, it could be a heater it could be a legit indoor grow (not weed) it could be a number of things.

    my best advise to you is control the odor, don't draw any extra attension to your self and dispose of plant remnants properly.
  7. Okay well to controlling odor how do i go about that. Ive heard ppl talking about carbon filters an such but i also seen a guy on the forum with two carbon still stunk. I think i could control the odor being the size room my cab will be in an were its located in the house. Room with 1 door one window .

    Help me lol!
  8. literally tons of options on that, I run a 1000W flower room that is way bigger than your dims. and a carbon filter works wonders for me. ona gels, ionizers, ozone generators. take your pick tons of easy options with that one, on a smaller grow I would recommend a carbon filter cause I know they work.
  9. Okay. Maybe ill try some ionizers or something? Cuz carbon filter is expensive.

    Question so if i wanted to make the whole room.a grow rokm rather than putting my cab in the room an growin in the cab. How would i go about lighting . An odor. I mean like i said its a room with one door Once the opened in that room or even cracked air is basically already sucked up. I have plenty room for oscilating fans but wut about lights?

    Im also just trying not to get detected being ive never grown before. But the room that could be my bigger grow room i was discussing earlier in about 8 or 9 ft high about 8 ft deep an bout 12 ft wide

    Any help greatly appreciated
  10. well I have ran a entire room without a enclosure before just hang your fixture from the ceiling and place plants directly under it. I don't recommend it unless you are going to fill it with lights, as judging where the light stops being beneficial to the plants would take damn near the whole cycle, also with a window you would have to deal with light escape and leeks. which would be a dead give away. I did not have to deal with that as it was in a basement.
  11. Well arent there like light resistant curtain drapes or something i could do to cover my window.
    so is the whole point of my cab grow to keep the room that my cab is in the same temp as the room its in or what?

    An if i just have some in the room with no enclosure theyll prolly get huge right?
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    I would think it is to make the most efficient use of your lights and make it easier to control the conditions ie temp.
    Pending on the strain yes, but that is only if you let them. It kinda goes like this. At the begining of flowering your plants will stretch something like 300% (unless they reach their max height before the flowering) So with this being said if you had a plant that vegged til 1 foot tall you could expect a four foot plant when it is all said and done. this is not true for all kinds of strains (especially the lowryders) but for the most part it is.
  13. Dam thanks alot man uve answered alot of my ? An really quick

    any idea were i could find drapes like that ?

    An would it be smarter to.use ny cab for a flowering cab or would it be to small?

    Another question. Would 5000k bulbs be okay for veg. I cant find 6500k nowere in any stores. Lowes nor home depot.

    An 2700k is supposed to be used for flowering right. Because i found those
  14. An my first strain will be red diesel . I have 10 fem that i ordered
  15. walmart, I bought some at Ikea once
    I use the bottom half of a closet for veg (400W) and the larger flower (1000W)
    walmart has them in most locations and at their online store.
    pretty sure yes, I use HID lighting so I am not up on all the cfl info, but I am 100% sure that you will need a shit load of them, most say 100W but it really is a 26W equivalent to 100W that 100W is for humans not plants, so like 4 of them will be closer to the 100W mark.
    Barney's I presume, nice pick! here is a tip for you even though it is the same strain it has the potential to have multi phenotypes in that pack of seeds. I would recommend planting two or three seeds, watch them grow for a bit and keep all in the veg room and clone them all, when the clones are ready put them in the flower box. keep them all labeled and choose the one that has the characteristics you like and trash the other two mothers then keep her around and clone off her. that way the next go around with them you will have 3-4 uniformed plants that you will know how to deal with.

    good luck and feel free to PM questions. When I started I did the same and it turned my grow around. Also check out the grow in the sig.
  16. Dam ur so right lol. Its gunna suck trashing my poor seeds:-( they were expensive lol. So hmm i guess ill have to create another cab then cuz as of right now i have my one cab which is 56 in high. 32 in wide an 15 in deep. Then i have my pc box which i was plannin on starting out my plants in
  17. Im also thinking of ordering a new strain. Do u have any advice on the best seed shops. Ones that ship pretty quickly . But not just sending me some junk seeds. Ive had my red diesels for awhile an haveent germed em yet so idk how theyll turn out but i need help from someone experienced
  18. I have just started using sea of seeds as they have the fastest/stealthiest shipping I have ever seen, also sense they are a distributor not a breeder they have tons of strains from tons of breeders. here is my wish list

    caramel cream
    sour cream

    do grow out that red diesel looks tasty
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